Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You're ON NOTICE, Angelina's dad!

Actor Jon Voight was the master of ceremonies at a Republican fundraiser dinner held yesterday. Newt Gingrich was the keynote speaker at the event that pretty much seems like it was dedicated to bashing President Obama and the Democratic party. I kind of expect all of this bullshit out of the mouths of Gingrich and Senator Mitch McConnell, but Jon Voight? Hustler Joe Buck? Crippled 'Nam vet Luke Martin? Conrack?
Here's just a sampling of some of the vile nonsense that Voight opened the evening with:
"We are becoming a weak nation," said Voight, calling Obama a "false prophet." Republicans need to find their way back to power to free the nation from "this Obama oppression". We are moving towards a Socialist era that America has never seen before and our great country is weakening in every way."

Dude! No wonder your daughter isn't speaking to you or letting you see your grandkids - you're a freakin' nutjob!

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