Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer TV - June Report Card Part 1

The first half of June is already over, and my summer tv watching schedule is in full swing. But there have already been some casualties in the line-up and some pleasant surprises. Below a review of the shows that have premiered so far:

Shows that have already been axed off the Tivo season pass list -

The Listener
Even having shirtless HOT Craig Olejnik couldn’t save this poorly written and even more poorly acted show for me. So bad.
MC Hammer is a fool. And not in an entertaining way like Bret Michaels.
NYC Prep
Technically this show doesn’t even premiere until next week, but I watched the preview special and these bratty kids are so fawking heinous and spoiled that I don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach watching it.

Surefire gems -

Nurse Jackie
Loved every little thing about the first episode of this amazing show. Jackie is the kind of anti-hero I love rooting for. Looking forward to the rest of the summer.
True Blood
Lafayette is ALIVE (for now)!!!! I haven’t been that surprised by a tv show in quite some time. I was completely unspoiled for this twist, and so damn happy about it that it took me awhile to settle in and enjoy the rest of the season 2 premier. But although graphic and gory, it also set the stage for what looks to be a great season. And did I mention the Lafayette not being dead thing? Hurray for more Nelsan Ellis deliciousness!

Surprises -

Royal Pains
So surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed this new show. I thought for sure it’d be really stupid but it’s actually quite clever.
Top Chef Masters
The first ep of this competition series was just ok. Loved seeing Hubert Keller and the other chefs struggle not only with the type of whacked-out challenges the previous TC contestants have had to deal with, i.e. having to cook a gourmet 3-course meal in a dorm room with only a microwave and a toaster oven; but it was hilarious to see them flounder with seemingly simple tasks like grocery shopping (Hubert has never done it) and knowing the difference between a freezer and a refrigerator. Ahem, Tim. But overall, the show fell kind of flat for me. I might get more enthusiasm as other chefs I like, or love to hate, compete.

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Vance said...

I think Craig Olejnik's piercing blue eyes are beautiful. Too bad he just stares deeply at something and thinks it's acting. Wow. so bad.