Monday, August 18, 2008

Why does Chinese food always smell so much better than it tastes?

Some person(s) at my office today ordered Chinese food from I assume one of the numerous restaurants in the Southcenter area that deliver. Once the food arrived, the delicious smell permeated every corner of our office floor literally making my mouth water. The smell of garlic deliciousness is almost too much to handle.
But here's the deal - if I actually take the time to order chinese food of my own I know I'll be disappointed as I almost always am when eating Chinese food.

Which a couple of rare exceptions, I've really never had Chinese food that I would consider great. I am almost ALWAYS let down by the flat taste of dishes that smell heavenly. Why doesn't that amazing aroma translate into taste? Does the flavor of the food evaporate in the steam rising off of it?

Inquiring minds...

I guess I'll go try to appease my hunger with a sandwich. Boring, but at least there won't be any high expectations that it won't live up to, to worry about.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Did I say I hate packing? Well, I meant UNpacking

I am finally (mostly) moved into my new place. But besides my bedroom and some of my clothes, I haven't really unpacked anything since the movers left all of the boxes on Saturday.

First and foremost I have to finish putting up the window treatments on my weirdly sized windows so that I can actually walk around my house without worrying about being fully dressed. But after the trying experience of putting up the drapes in my bedroom on my own, I'm considering getting a professional to do the rest.
My walls would certainly appreciate having more talented hands putting things up.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still not finished packing...

But at least I'm doing it. I've also had to move my dad this week from one apt in Courtland Place to another so I haven't had any time for myself.
Sometimes I hate my life. Seriously.

But I'm enjoying the HELL out of the SYTYCD finale tonight. Totally awesome routines.

Go Twitch and Katee!

Monday, August 4, 2008

ARRRRGGGHHH! I hate moving!

clarification - I hate PACKING.

Why has it been such a f*cking struggle for me to pack my goddamm house up to move into my fabulous new one?! This week is it! I have to have everything done by Saturday morning when my movers are coming. And yet here I sit, actively procrastinating and avoiding packing.

Posting blog entries and uploading photos from my recent trip to Mexico instead of packing my kitchen is not what I should be doing. But I'm powerless. No motivation whatsoever. It's a sickness.
What am I going to do? I'm kind of on the verge of getting hysterical here. I'm so mad at myself for putting this off to the last minute but still I'm not doing anything to make a difference. I need someone to give me a good ol' slap and say "SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT!"