Thursday, January 16, 2014

Analyzing this year's Oscar noms

The 2014 Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and due to crippling insomnia, I was actually up at 5:00AM PST to watch them live!

I won’t be participating in the Oscar Death Race like I have the past few years, where the goal is to see EVERY SINGLE nominated film; I am returning to my old tradition of seeing every film for the major categories: Best Picture, all Acting nominations, Best Documentary, Best Screenplay (Adapted and Original), and Best Direction. I'm well on my way to completion. I only have a couple more.

Things that surprised me (Bad):

-          Joaquin Phoenix didn’t get a Best Actor nomination. While I’ve never been his biggest fan, he was amazing in “Her”, and probably deserved the nomination over Christian Bale. As much as I love Bale and think he was great in “American Hustle”, I’m not sure I’d say the role was Oscar-worthy. But then again I feel that way about all of the acting performances from “Hustle”; everyone was good, but there were others that were better.

-          The rampant category fraud going on with some of these acting nominations is irritating. Meryl Streep had the same amount of screen time, if not less, in “August: Osage County” than Julia Roberts did. They both gave powerful performances in that movie that deserve recognition, but they either both should be considered leads or in my opinion, both should be nominated in the Supporting category. This holds true for Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper; if you’re going to give them nominations, which again I’m not sure they earned in this year of bountiful great acting, they both should be for Supporting Actor.

-          Scarlet Johansson wasn’t considered for an acting nom for her voice work in “Her”. She did more acting with just her voice than many did with their whole body on screen.

-          I hate to say this but… Oprah really did deserve a Best Supporting Actress nom for The Butler. Jennifer Lawrence hijacked her Oscar.

Surprises (Good):

-          “Cutie and The Boxer” was nominated for Best Documentary! So excited that one of the best docs I saw last year is getting this recognition. This has been on Netflix for months, please do yourself a favor and see it.

-          “Despicable Me 2” got a Best Animated Feature nomination. After not making the cut for the Globes I was worried.

Things that weren’t surprising but were still great:

-          Jared Leto got one step closer to being an Oscar winner. It’s seriously so surreal.

-          Chiwetel Ejiorfor and Michael Fassbender got their nominations for “12 Years A Slave”. Well deserved. I worry that Chiwetel is going to lose what should rightfully be his Oscar to one of his fellow nominees.

Well, however the results turn out, it’s still my favorite season of the year!

Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 (Film/TV Season) Golden Globes wrap-up

Just one thing before I talk about last night's Golden Globes awards presentation - THIS PICTURE

My boyfriend Michael Fassbender and "Cinnamon Toast & Crunch" ™ (Dave Cole @Glark) aka Benedict Cumberbath dancing at one of the Golden Globes after-parties! Fantasy come true!!!! I even forgive Fassy doing the "sunglasses at night" lameness.

On to the awards:

The complete list from

Best non-surprise win of the night: Good ol' high school bud Jared Leto winning the Best Supporting Actor award for his magnificent performance in Dallas Buyer's Club. Sure, he gave a kind of spacey acceptance speech but I wouldn't have expected anything different. Go Jared! He'll be conquering the Oscars next, I guarantee.

Best non-surprise win, that seemed for a minute like it might be a long-shot: Boy, it was a nail biter right to the last minute about whether 12 Years A Slave would win Best Drama. John Ridley had lost the screenplay award to Spike Jonze; Steve McQueen had lost Direction to Cuaron; Chiwetel Ejiofor had been snubbed by McConaughey for Best Actor; I was very happy that all was righted in the end with Best Drama.

Best surprises of the night: All of these can be classified under the category - "Kat's faves that she hopes will win, but probably won't because her faves never win"
 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine winning Best Television Comedy, and Andy Samberg winning for Best Actor in a Comedy. I could not believe my ears for either of these amazing wins. You guys, this is the best new comedy on tv and if you're not watching it please do yourself a favor and start.

Amy Poehler (FINALLY) winning Best Actress in a TV Comedy. Holy crap was this well deserved and long overdue.

Elisabeth Moss beating Jessica Lange out for Best Actress in a Mini-series. I totally thought Jessica Lange had this in the bag for the third year in a row. (So did Jessica Lange buy the sour-grapes face she made as Moss made her way to the stage to accept the award) Elisabeth Moss was so great in "Top of the Lake". This is another must-see; check it out on Netflix.

Should be an interesting road to the Oscars in March. Next up on the awards circuit are the SAG awards.