Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 (Film/TV Season) Golden Globes wrap-up

Just one thing before I talk about last night's Golden Globes awards presentation - THIS PICTURE

My boyfriend Michael Fassbender and "Cinnamon Toast & Crunch" ™ (Dave Cole @Glark) aka Benedict Cumberbath dancing at one of the Golden Globes after-parties! Fantasy come true!!!! I even forgive Fassy doing the "sunglasses at night" lameness.

On to the awards:

The complete list from

Best non-surprise win of the night: Good ol' high school bud Jared Leto winning the Best Supporting Actor award for his magnificent performance in Dallas Buyer's Club. Sure, he gave a kind of spacey acceptance speech but I wouldn't have expected anything different. Go Jared! He'll be conquering the Oscars next, I guarantee.

Best non-surprise win, that seemed for a minute like it might be a long-shot: Boy, it was a nail biter right to the last minute about whether 12 Years A Slave would win Best Drama. John Ridley had lost the screenplay award to Spike Jonze; Steve McQueen had lost Direction to Cuaron; Chiwetel Ejiofor had been snubbed by McConaughey for Best Actor; I was very happy that all was righted in the end with Best Drama.

Best surprises of the night: All of these can be classified under the category - "Kat's faves that she hopes will win, but probably won't because her faves never win"
 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine winning Best Television Comedy, and Andy Samberg winning for Best Actor in a Comedy. I could not believe my ears for either of these amazing wins. You guys, this is the best new comedy on tv and if you're not watching it please do yourself a favor and start.

Amy Poehler (FINALLY) winning Best Actress in a TV Comedy. Holy crap was this well deserved and long overdue.

Elisabeth Moss beating Jessica Lange out for Best Actress in a Mini-series. I totally thought Jessica Lange had this in the bag for the third year in a row. (So did Jessica Lange buy the sour-grapes face she made as Moss made her way to the stage to accept the award) Elisabeth Moss was so great in "Top of the Lake". This is another must-see; check it out on Netflix.

Should be an interesting road to the Oscars in March. Next up on the awards circuit are the SAG awards.

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