Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 Things I know are true - TAR edition

  1. The roadblock with the ringing telephones would've unhinged me. I can't stand ringing phones. It's such a horrible sound. Especially old school rotary phones. But I will say one thing. If I did have to suffer through that torture I certainly would've fuckin' figured out that the letters were an anagram for "Franz" as in KAFKA, one of the 20th century's most famous writers!! WTF?! How did no one recognize this? How was Big Easy there for almost 3 hours(!) before giving up and taking a 4 hour penalty? The only person I may give a small pass to is Brian who was drunk on absinthe. And he figured it out before anyone else anyway. Sigh.
  2. Gay brothers Sam and Dan are ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!! I understand that it's a race for a million $$. And I'm not saying that Dan should've given Big Easy the answer at the Roadblock...except yes I am. If Dan didn't want to share information he shouldn't have agreed to do so. Making that deal with the Globetrotter and then being a colossal dick when he lucked out with the answer (he certainly never harnessed enough brain power to figure out that the word was the first name of a famous author) was a totally bogus move, race or not. And don't get me started on the cab thing with Meghan and Cheyne. I totally defended the brothers last week when they took Brian and Ericka's cab because it's a race and really it was the cab driver that made the final assy decision to leave with the brothers. But to then have the tables turned with Meghan and Cheyne trying to, politely I might add, get the brothers' cab and for them to again be such assholes makes me want to kick them right in the nuts. And they really need to stop whining and yelling at each other. I really need Karma to bite these dudes. Sam and Dan better be glad I'm not going to the finale party this year.
  3. Drunk Czechs are funny. And annoying. Who knew that the Czech Republic consumes the most beer of any country in Europe. See? Reality tv can teach you something. I have to say that I really enjoyed this "Prague at night" leg of the race.
  4. I kind of love Brian and Ericka. Oh my god their beer Detour was so frustrating for them but entertaining for us. But seriously they are really supportive and patient with each other. I would love to see them finish in 2nd place. (see below)
  5. Meghan and Cheyne deserve to win this season of The Amazing Race. I find them rather boring but boy have they raced well and more importantly been very consistent and logical.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I'm thankful for

Hope everyone had a glorious Thanksgiving. Mine was excellent; filled with good times with great friends eating amazing food that we prepared.
As I sit here in the world's most boring telephone conference meeting, I've been reflecting on other things that I'm grateful for besides the great friends in my life, and naturally for me that turns to television shows. Yes, I love tv that much.

So, what's on my thankful for list this season?
  • Having 2 DVRs: Wednesday nights alone have been saved by my Tivo and Ti-faux. I can't imagine what I would've missed out on if I hadn't been able to enjoy the delights of Modern Family and Cougar Town; because they're opposite my beloved Glee and sadly if I'd had to choose what to record on Wednesday nights at 9, Glee would've won. Thankfully, there's been no need for that type of "Sophie's choice". I've been able to laugh with Courtney Cox again, and to fall in love with the crazy awesome family made up of Jay & Gloria, Phil & Claire, Mitchell & Cameron, and all of the kids on Modern Family.
  • Cameron from Modern Family - okay, Cameron may be my favorite character on tv right now. Seriously, you know I'm in love if the image of Cam as Fizbo the (classicly trained Auguste [hee!]) clown doesn't terrify me but instead fills my heart with joy and laughter. Eric Stonestreet is brilliant as this loveable gay dad. And Stonestreet in real life is single and straight! (Hey Eric, call me - I want to have a million laughing tubby babies with you!)

  • Glee - I've already praised this show here numerous times and defended it to my friends that don't get its appeal (Todd, I'm looking at you). But right now I want to discuss the show's flaws. This might not make sense in a list about things that I'm thankful for, but you see, if I can love a show that has stupid fake pregnancy plots, continually hammers me over the head with "very special moment" messages that can be a little condescending to say the least, hasn't yet figured out how to do character development for some of their best players, and generally overuses the auto-tune for the musical performances even though they are blessed with a bevy of Broadway and other music talent that don't need it? You know that this show is outstanding and worthy of all of its hype and attention. All of the stupid baby-stealing and teen love plots in the world won't make me quit you Glee. Especially when you consistently make me smile (Don't Stop Believin', Somebody To Love, all of the mash-ups) and cry ("Lean on Me", "Imagine", I'll Stand By You"). Keep on keepin' on Glee!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That other dancing show...

The problem with having two DVRs (I know I know it's pathetic how much tv I watch) is that because there's only so many hours in the day, I end up watching certain shows days after they've originally aired and feeling behind the times when I discover something awesome that people have already talked about and is now totally played out and eye-roll inducing to everyone else.

So I haven't really been faithfully watching this season of Dancing With the Stars. Basically I've watched the results shows, because they replay the dances from the night before so I don't miss anything but the dumb filler, the results show is where they show "Dance Center" which continually is awesome, and the professional dancer showcases are also on Tuesday.
Last night's results show was a total gem that I can't believe I didn't know about until this evening. First of all the motherfuckin' BEE GEES performed. Y'all know I love me some Barry Gibb; even in all his current bad denture/receding hairline glory. And while Robin Gibb is seriously one of the scariest people alive, his face and "hair" are comedy gold.
So there's that gem, plus the show's fans voted to have past season contender Melissa Rycroft come back and dance in the pro showcase with Tony Dovolani. But here's where the really awesome part of the show comes in. The pro showcase didn't just feature Tony and Melissa. Performing with them were SYTYCD alums, Chelsie Hightower and...MY BOYFRIEND Artem Chigvintsev! You guys, I love Artem. After 6 seasons of wonderful dancers he's still in my top 10 list of SYTYCD competitors. I was sad when they changed the opening credits of that show this year because they took out all of the great Artem parts.
I knew that he was involved in the DWtS national tour but I'd never seen him on the actual show before tonight. As an aside, I was sorry to recently hear that Artem and DWtS judge Carrie Ann Inaba had broken up earlier this year. They were one "cougar" couple that I was excited about. They were so cute together and despite their 15 year age difference seemed to make it work. Supposedly they parted on great terms and remain friends.
The DWtS performance with my favorite former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rycroft is linked here.

And another video featuring my boyfriend Artem:

C'mon! Isn't he adorable?

And finally one short note about tonight's results for SYTYCD. After an AMAZING opening number choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson, I wasn't surprised that the judges let Kevin and Channing go. I was a little disappointed by Channing's ax though. Her solo was better than Karen's and especially Mollee's. Oh well. Victor gets a 3rd partner in as many weeks and a strange pairing at that with Karen, but we'll see.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SYTYCD - Season 6 Top 14

The best:
Spencer Liff as the Broadway choreographer! Stay forever please (and choreograph naked). I would love if Tyce just did the Jazz/Lyrical stuff for the rest of this season.

Jakob & Ashleigh - NappyTabs hip-hop routine to "Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo
I want to see Jakob in the finals. He can do no wrong in my book. And who knew that Ashleigh had it in her to hit those moves so hard? I still don't love her, but I definitely no longer think she's an anchor holding Jakob back. The routine didn't resonate with me like some of the NappyTabs lyrical hip-hop from the past (e.g. "Bleeding Love", "Like You'll Never See Me") but it was still great to watch.

Ryan & Ellenore - Travis Wall contemporary routine to "Your Ex-Lover's Dead" by Stars
Ay yae yae, I floved this routine so damn much. I loved everything about it, from the fantastic beginning with Ellenore to Ryan's weird crotch grabbing, the fluidity if the movements, the song. Excellent. Ellenore is made of awesome!

The unfair:
Russell has to do the Foxtrot again? The hell? Good thing he and Noelle did it well.
On the flipside, I love me some Victor, but he got Jazz? Is he ever going to get a genre that isn't in his wheelhouse? And uh Tyce? Is a crazy motherfucker.
The surprising:
Legacy & Kathryn and their paso doble. I was expecting it to be so bad. And it was very good. And thanks Tony Meredith; you've officially made me hot for Legacy. Huzzah!
The scary:
LaurieAnn Gibson = terrifying

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TV Round Up - Veterans Day edition

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 16 Results night - So excited to have a group dance again on results night. And what a group number?! Dave Scott is kind of awesome again, right? I was right about the teams in the bottom 3 for the most part. And while I understand where Nigel was coming from with his remarks to Nathan and "America" about people voting for who they think is cute instead who the best dancer is - jeezus Nigel, could you be less of a wanker about it? Okay, Nathan had an off night I guess and he was sort of cocky(?) but he's an INCREDIBLE dancer and better than any of the 3 guys that were in the bottom this week, so STFU. Also grampa? Again while I agree with you that the solos tonight weren't as good as some from past seasons, why do you have to be such a grouchy dick? Oy... Anyway, I'm feeling that Peter should have stayed over Kevin, but I was okay with Pauline leaving. I was worried about my Ellenore for a minute there.
On a brighter note, it was nice seeing the Alvin Ailey folks perform. So powerful.

Oh Glee, I've missed you these past weeks. I've been waiting for this Artie-centric episode all season. I love Kevin McHale's voice. "Wheels" was well done all around. And hee! Finn is too tall to be an Olive Garden bus boy? Hee hee.

Bored To Death season finale - Oh so good. I had been saving this since Sunday for a night where I'd have a chance to savor and really enjoy. And this gem didn't disappoint. I enjoyed the whole season, but the show has really hit its stride in the past few weeks and Sunday's finale was a great way to cap off the season. It focused on the George/Richard Antrem rivalry culminating in a "Team GQ" vs. "Team Edition" boxing match. Danson and Galafanakis are made of win! But seriously, I hope that this show is coming back in the Spring for a 2nd season.

Both Eastwick and Dollhouse have been cancelled. Meh, I'm not broken up about either of these two shows leaving us.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SYTYCD Week 3 Top 16

This is the first week that the control is back in the American audience's hands. How will we do?

Kevin/Karen - Sad to hear about Karen's divorce but that explains why we haven't seen her hubbie who auditioned with her in the audience cheering her on. The best thing about their disco tonight was that it wasn't choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. Otherwise very boring. I can see these two being in the bottom for sure.

Jakob/Ashleigh - LOVED this Mandy Moore routine. And agreed with Nigel that it was reminiscent of her "Table Dance" with Neil and Sabra. Also agreed with Nigel when he said that Jakob reminds him of Joel Grey. That's TOTALLY who he reminds me of. It's been bugging me for weeks.

Peter/Pauline - Did it strike anyone that Pete was struggling a bit to describe his volunteer work? It totally reminded me of Matt Dillon's character from "Something About Mary" - I work with retards. Anyway, I totally agreed with Mary and Adam's critiques of their Quickstep. Train wreck avoided indeed. They were cute; I hope they're not in the bottom.

Legacy/Kathryn - First of all, when did I start loving these two? All through Vegas I wanted to punch both of them. Now I feel like they might be in my top 3 (and hee! Adam called him "Legs"). Second, Andy Blankenbuehler! A REAL GAWDDAM Broadway choreographer. Soooo much better than Tyce. Please Nigel and Co. keep Andy around.

Victor/Channing - hee hee she used to race lawn mowers. Oh, that's rich! I do love Stacy Tookey as a choreographer. I thought they did a really beautiful job, especially considering how much pressure they were both under. I really wanted Nigel to shut up.

Ryan/Ellenore - Lil' C! Yay, as much as I miss him as a judge, I missed him as a choreographer more. Ryan's "swag's on the run". Hee! Ellenore did great in this routine. Ryan did an admirable job. He could've been worse. I thought the judges were too harsh. BTW, Ryan is a HUGE dude. Like the Hulk.

Nathan/Mollee - Mollee, your story about being deaf isn't endearing. I still hate you. And you're not sexy. At all. HATE. But I still want to have a million of Nathan's babies. I liked this salsa routine better than the stuff that Alex DeSilva used to do.

Russell/Noelle - I liked their African Jazz routine alright, but it wasn't Earth shattering. I started to nod off actually two thirds of the way through. I don't like Noelle and Russell as a couple I've decided.

My top 3 routines - Jakob/Ashleigh, Legacy/Kathryn, Victor/Channing

Who I think will be in the bottom - Kevin/Karen, Peter/Pauline, and possibly Ryan/Ellenore or Victor/Channing

Although I'd love to see Nathan and Mollee in the bottom because I want her gone, I think their (his) fan base will save them.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Catching up

I've been sick for about a week now (not bacon flu, just bad cold) and instead of being able to just take care of myself, rest, and you know fuck around on the computer (aka "blog"), I've had to work, deal with an annoying parent situation, and live through 48 hours of the wettest, weirdest, windiest weather I've experienced since moving to Seattle.

I've been behind on most of my television shows, but tonight I got current with a few; here are my thoughts.

Not being able to vote and having the judges send home the first 4 dancers hasn't been as bad as I thought. And I've pretty much agreed with their choices. But WTF? Nigel & Co. for putting Victor in the bottom 2 this week? Not cool. All of my faves are still in it (Nathan, Jakob, Ellenore, Russell) and I have been pleasantly surprised by a few dancers that I thought for sure I'd be hating (Legacy, Kathryn, Ryan). I'm still hating that Nathan is paired with Mollee, but even though she's the most immature annoying person alive, I don't want to punch her in the mouth as much as I have previously. It will be interesting to see how the voting plays out in the coming weeks.

Top Chef -
Zzzzzzzzzzzz so boring this season. Can they just give Kevin the $100K and the GE appliances already?

Project Runway -
Boring as well as annoying. While I'm happy to see an all-girl finale, the ending of this season has been so damn anticlimatic. And I don't think it's just because it was filmed a million years ago. And Irina can suck it. She's just so damn unpleasant.

Real Housewives -
I gave up on the latest Atlanta season weeks ago; I mean can we all just admit that Kim is a horrible dumbass and stop humoring her? But this week the 5th(!) season of the OC part of the franchise (OC = Original C U next Tuesdays) began and Bravo's sucked me in again. I'm just as ashamed of me as you are.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge "The Ruins" (or as The Soup hilariously refers to it "The RUNS" -
I'm bored with this show too, and I never thought I'd say that about a Challenge, especially since this season started out so awesomely. But there you go. All of drama is gone (Tonya), the loud and crazy (Katie, Wes), and the buttery (Veronica); all gone. Even my boyfriend Kenny, and the usually affable Bananas are irksome. I'd love for Cohutta to win the whole damn thing but I know that won't happen.

Survivor: Samoa -
I'm only half-assed watching this because of the betting pool I'm in at work (go Natalie!). And for weeks it's been predictable even with Russell's crazy medical stuff etc. But this week after the merge the game got kind of interesting. In a surprise move, the former Galu banded together with old Foa Foa to vote off Eric (#1 hottie, just edging out John and Mick). This was done with the help of Jaison and a lot from my girl Natalie (way to go girl!). The vote also ended up flushing out the 2 immunity idols so we don't have to worry about those for the rest of this season. Woo!