Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TV Round Up - Veterans Day edition

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 16 Results night - So excited to have a group dance again on results night. And what a group number?! Dave Scott is kind of awesome again, right? I was right about the teams in the bottom 3 for the most part. And while I understand where Nigel was coming from with his remarks to Nathan and "America" about people voting for who they think is cute instead who the best dancer is - jeezus Nigel, could you be less of a wanker about it? Okay, Nathan had an off night I guess and he was sort of cocky(?) but he's an INCREDIBLE dancer and better than any of the 3 guys that were in the bottom this week, so STFU. Also grampa? Again while I agree with you that the solos tonight weren't as good as some from past seasons, why do you have to be such a grouchy dick? Oy... Anyway, I'm feeling that Peter should have stayed over Kevin, but I was okay with Pauline leaving. I was worried about my Ellenore for a minute there.
On a brighter note, it was nice seeing the Alvin Ailey folks perform. So powerful.

Oh Glee, I've missed you these past weeks. I've been waiting for this Artie-centric episode all season. I love Kevin McHale's voice. "Wheels" was well done all around. And hee! Finn is too tall to be an Olive Garden bus boy? Hee hee.

Bored To Death season finale - Oh so good. I had been saving this since Sunday for a night where I'd have a chance to savor and really enjoy. And this gem didn't disappoint. I enjoyed the whole season, but the show has really hit its stride in the past few weeks and Sunday's finale was a great way to cap off the season. It focused on the George/Richard Antrem rivalry culminating in a "Team GQ" vs. "Team Edition" boxing match. Danson and Galafanakis are made of win! But seriously, I hope that this show is coming back in the Spring for a 2nd season.

Both Eastwick and Dollhouse have been cancelled. Meh, I'm not broken up about either of these two shows leaving us.

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