Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SYTYCD Week 3 Top 16

This is the first week that the control is back in the American audience's hands. How will we do?

Kevin/Karen - Sad to hear about Karen's divorce but that explains why we haven't seen her hubbie who auditioned with her in the audience cheering her on. The best thing about their disco tonight was that it wasn't choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. Otherwise very boring. I can see these two being in the bottom for sure.

Jakob/Ashleigh - LOVED this Mandy Moore routine. And agreed with Nigel that it was reminiscent of her "Table Dance" with Neil and Sabra. Also agreed with Nigel when he said that Jakob reminds him of Joel Grey. That's TOTALLY who he reminds me of. It's been bugging me for weeks.

Peter/Pauline - Did it strike anyone that Pete was struggling a bit to describe his volunteer work? It totally reminded me of Matt Dillon's character from "Something About Mary" - I work with retards. Anyway, I totally agreed with Mary and Adam's critiques of their Quickstep. Train wreck avoided indeed. They were cute; I hope they're not in the bottom.

Legacy/Kathryn - First of all, when did I start loving these two? All through Vegas I wanted to punch both of them. Now I feel like they might be in my top 3 (and hee! Adam called him "Legs"). Second, Andy Blankenbuehler! A REAL GAWDDAM Broadway choreographer. Soooo much better than Tyce. Please Nigel and Co. keep Andy around.

Victor/Channing - hee hee she used to race lawn mowers. Oh, that's rich! I do love Stacy Tookey as a choreographer. I thought they did a really beautiful job, especially considering how much pressure they were both under. I really wanted Nigel to shut up.

Ryan/Ellenore - Lil' C! Yay, as much as I miss him as a judge, I missed him as a choreographer more. Ryan's "swag's on the run". Hee! Ellenore did great in this routine. Ryan did an admirable job. He could've been worse. I thought the judges were too harsh. BTW, Ryan is a HUGE dude. Like the Hulk.

Nathan/Mollee - Mollee, your story about being deaf isn't endearing. I still hate you. And you're not sexy. At all. HATE. But I still want to have a million of Nathan's babies. I liked this salsa routine better than the stuff that Alex DeSilva used to do.

Russell/Noelle - I liked their African Jazz routine alright, but it wasn't Earth shattering. I started to nod off actually two thirds of the way through. I don't like Noelle and Russell as a couple I've decided.

My top 3 routines - Jakob/Ashleigh, Legacy/Kathryn, Victor/Channing

Who I think will be in the bottom - Kevin/Karen, Peter/Pauline, and possibly Ryan/Ellenore or Victor/Channing

Although I'd love to see Nathan and Mollee in the bottom because I want her gone, I think their (his) fan base will save them.

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