Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I'm thankful for

Hope everyone had a glorious Thanksgiving. Mine was excellent; filled with good times with great friends eating amazing food that we prepared.
As I sit here in the world's most boring telephone conference meeting, I've been reflecting on other things that I'm grateful for besides the great friends in my life, and naturally for me that turns to television shows. Yes, I love tv that much.

So, what's on my thankful for list this season?
  • Having 2 DVRs: Wednesday nights alone have been saved by my Tivo and Ti-faux. I can't imagine what I would've missed out on if I hadn't been able to enjoy the delights of Modern Family and Cougar Town; because they're opposite my beloved Glee and sadly if I'd had to choose what to record on Wednesday nights at 9, Glee would've won. Thankfully, there's been no need for that type of "Sophie's choice". I've been able to laugh with Courtney Cox again, and to fall in love with the crazy awesome family made up of Jay & Gloria, Phil & Claire, Mitchell & Cameron, and all of the kids on Modern Family.
  • Cameron from Modern Family - okay, Cameron may be my favorite character on tv right now. Seriously, you know I'm in love if the image of Cam as Fizbo the (classicly trained Auguste [hee!]) clown doesn't terrify me but instead fills my heart with joy and laughter. Eric Stonestreet is brilliant as this loveable gay dad. And Stonestreet in real life is single and straight! (Hey Eric, call me - I want to have a million laughing tubby babies with you!)

  • Glee - I've already praised this show here numerous times and defended it to my friends that don't get its appeal (Todd, I'm looking at you). But right now I want to discuss the show's flaws. This might not make sense in a list about things that I'm thankful for, but you see, if I can love a show that has stupid fake pregnancy plots, continually hammers me over the head with "very special moment" messages that can be a little condescending to say the least, hasn't yet figured out how to do character development for some of their best players, and generally overuses the auto-tune for the musical performances even though they are blessed with a bevy of Broadway and other music talent that don't need it? You know that this show is outstanding and worthy of all of its hype and attention. All of the stupid baby-stealing and teen love plots in the world won't make me quit you Glee. Especially when you consistently make me smile (Don't Stop Believin', Somebody To Love, all of the mash-ups) and cry ("Lean on Me", "Imagine", I'll Stand By You"). Keep on keepin' on Glee!

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