Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Heroes" is still on my "good" list

A lot of people I know are kind of fed up with Heroes and are taking it off their DVR to-do lists faster than Clay Aiken can come out of the closet.
But last night's Season 3 premier actually redeemed the show in my eyes. So show? You're back on the good list!
For now.
Don't fuck it up.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random thoughts for a Wednesday

  • David Boreanaz looked so f*cking HOT on the Bonnie Hunt Show today. He was seriously rocking a beautiful suit and looking fine!
  • My brother-dog Sport looks very fetching with the new blue leash that I bought him today.
  • As we enter the fall tv season, I am starting to get that "I watch too much tv" anxiety because there are a ton of shows that I want to watch that are on at the same times/days - CONFLICTS!
  • I can't get enough of this season's six (6!!!) Bryant Park collections from the Project Runway finalists. Especially Korto and Leanne's.
  • Seattle drivers still continue to suck (some more).
  • I am very stressed out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Million Dollar Listing

I came late to the party with the 2nd season of this show on Bravo. I started watching several weeks after it started and only recently caught up on the last few eps including last week's season finale.
I can't tell you why I love the show or the 3 tools that are profiled in it but I do. They're all ridiculous in their own way. Anyway, I find myself kind of sad that the season is over and actually hoping that we get to see more of Chad, Madison, and Josh in the future.

I did play the show's "Realtor Compatibility" quiz on the Bravo site. They said that I am best matched with Chad! Boo...

Dr. Mehmet Oz - Douchetastic!

Okay, I've complained about this before but I gotta do it again.

Oprah's medical guru, Dr. Oz is a smart guy. He's always dispensing really good advice and is very affable and, although somewhat cocky (what doctor isn't?) he's interesting to listen to.

That said, he's also really annoying because he's always on Oprah dressed in scrubs(!) and his damn Dankso clogs or Nikes as if he's just rushed to the HARPO set straight from surgery to share his great knowledge with us lowly retards. With his beeper attached to the scrub waistband like he's going to be paged to rush off again to some crazy important heart transplant. Give me a break!
I guess I should be glad that he at least isn't wearing a stethoscope when he's on the show, but please, Dr. Mehmet Oz does not have the kind of active practice that involves the need to wear scrubs. Between his Oprah gigs (both the tv show and his daily radio show on her Sirius channel), his book tours and speaking engagements, I seriously doubt that he has the time to meet with little ol' Joan Smith for her consultation.
Even if he did have an active, thriving practice, there's no reason for him to wear the scrubs on Oprah. Unless he's purposely wearing them to irk me; if so - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the hell is wrong with this country?

I swear to f*cking God, if McCain and Palin win the election I'm leaving this hell-hole for good!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bumbershoot 2008

This was one of the few years where I actually attended at least a little part of each day of Bumbershoot.

Here's who I saw and what I did:

Saturday 8/30 -
  • Beck and Band of Horses were the mainstage acts that day and I totally wasn't interested in going so while my friends all stood in the huge line to get the night passes, I went to the north comedy stage to see what was what. I was told incorrectly by a staff person that I didn't need a comedy pass for all shows.
  • My group and I headed towards Neko Case but the line was so long to get in that half way through I realized that the set was almost over so I took off to see some comedy and then found out that I DID in fact need a comedy pass, which at that point were all passed out for all shows that day. Grrr. So plan C was catching the last bit of The New Faces set. Very good.
  • Next I caught the first 20 min of this local hip hop guy named Grynch. Then I went over to see a little Ian Moore who was amazing. I wish I could have seen his whole set but I had to run and catch the literary essay readings from Kevin Sessums and David Schmaeder. Their peformance was so awesome.
  • My friend Kathy and I grabbed something to eat and then I went to wait for Estelle to come on. She was so so great. "American Boy" didn't sound as sharp live, but "Just A Touch" was smokin'. This ended up being the last show of the day for me because I had a party to go to.

Sunday 8/31 -

I spent most of this day away from the festival. As my friends know, I totally hate people, so the crowds at Bumbershoot can be very trying.

After seeing a funny movie with Robert ("Tropic Thunder"!) and grabbing a quick bite of sushi with my dad, I did end up heading over to Bumbershoot in the evening. My friend had procured both a comedy pass and mainstage pass for me, so the first thing I did was head over to the south comedy stage to see "The MySpace Show" which was hilarious. Basically they took 2 random people from the audience with MySpace pages and improv'd a whole comedy sketch around them. Soooo funny.

Ended the evening by heading over to catch the return of Stone Temple Pilots. They...kinda sucked. I didn't stay for the whole thing. Scott Weiland seemed sober though.

Monday 9/1 -

  • I headed over much earlier than I had intended considering that most of the acts that I cared about weren't until later.
  • Caught a little of Joshua Morrison which was good. Then I headed over to comedy to see Greg Behrendt (y'know the "He's Just Not That Into You" guy) who was actually hysterical. On Saturday I had actually had a "F" list celebrity sighting when I ran into Craig from this season's Mole. He was very nice and gave me a hug. Then I kept on running into him including at the comedy venue on Monday so we ended up sitting together. He's very nice and a cutie!
  • After comedy caught some Bedouin Soundclash from the beer garden and then ate a salmon sandwich (and a funnel cake...shhh...don't judge me) while watching this blues dude named Langhorne Slim.
  • Met up with Kathy and we went back to the beer garden to watch a little world music from Cheb I Sabbah. Finally we headed over for one of the main reasons that I attended the festival this year - The Old 97s. I gotta say, as much as I love them, their energy seemed a little off tonight. Although it could entirely have been me - I was exhausted at that point.
  • My celebrity sighting quotient went up notches when I saw not only comedian David Cross but the actress Amber Tamblyn whose hand he was holding. Are they an item? What a strange yet intriguing couple. Amber was actually luminously beautiful in person. I confess that I've never thought that she was pretty. At all. When she was that kid on General Hospital (Emily?) I thought she was so ugly and awkward, and she didn't really improve in my eyes as she got older and more famous. Even in the Traveling Pants movies where all 4 of those girls look so scrubbed-face and pretty, Amber just seems dulled. ANYWAY, girl is gorgeous, and was wearing a fab outfit and shoes. And I guess is getting it from David Cross of all people. Go figure.
  • I finished the night by seeing about 6 min of Sondre Lerche. I was so tired by that point that I had to get to my car and drive home for fear of not making it at all. It seemed like it was going to be a great show, oh well.

Now it's all over and it's time to begin one of the busiest, most hectic months of my life. Good times.