Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dr. Mehmet Oz - Douchetastic!

Okay, I've complained about this before but I gotta do it again.

Oprah's medical guru, Dr. Oz is a smart guy. He's always dispensing really good advice and is very affable and, although somewhat cocky (what doctor isn't?) he's interesting to listen to.

That said, he's also really annoying because he's always on Oprah dressed in scrubs(!) and his damn Dankso clogs or Nikes as if he's just rushed to the HARPO set straight from surgery to share his great knowledge with us lowly retards. With his beeper attached to the scrub waistband like he's going to be paged to rush off again to some crazy important heart transplant. Give me a break!
I guess I should be glad that he at least isn't wearing a stethoscope when he's on the show, but please, Dr. Mehmet Oz does not have the kind of active practice that involves the need to wear scrubs. Between his Oprah gigs (both the tv show and his daily radio show on her Sirius channel), his book tours and speaking engagements, I seriously doubt that he has the time to meet with little ol' Joan Smith for her consultation.
Even if he did have an active, thriving practice, there's no reason for him to wear the scrubs on Oprah. Unless he's purposely wearing them to irk me; if so - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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