Monday, September 1, 2008

Bumbershoot 2008

This was one of the few years where I actually attended at least a little part of each day of Bumbershoot.

Here's who I saw and what I did:

Saturday 8/30 -
  • Beck and Band of Horses were the mainstage acts that day and I totally wasn't interested in going so while my friends all stood in the huge line to get the night passes, I went to the north comedy stage to see what was what. I was told incorrectly by a staff person that I didn't need a comedy pass for all shows.
  • My group and I headed towards Neko Case but the line was so long to get in that half way through I realized that the set was almost over so I took off to see some comedy and then found out that I DID in fact need a comedy pass, which at that point were all passed out for all shows that day. Grrr. So plan C was catching the last bit of The New Faces set. Very good.
  • Next I caught the first 20 min of this local hip hop guy named Grynch. Then I went over to see a little Ian Moore who was amazing. I wish I could have seen his whole set but I had to run and catch the literary essay readings from Kevin Sessums and David Schmaeder. Their peformance was so awesome.
  • My friend Kathy and I grabbed something to eat and then I went to wait for Estelle to come on. She was so so great. "American Boy" didn't sound as sharp live, but "Just A Touch" was smokin'. This ended up being the last show of the day for me because I had a party to go to.

Sunday 8/31 -

I spent most of this day away from the festival. As my friends know, I totally hate people, so the crowds at Bumbershoot can be very trying.

After seeing a funny movie with Robert ("Tropic Thunder"!) and grabbing a quick bite of sushi with my dad, I did end up heading over to Bumbershoot in the evening. My friend had procured both a comedy pass and mainstage pass for me, so the first thing I did was head over to the south comedy stage to see "The MySpace Show" which was hilarious. Basically they took 2 random people from the audience with MySpace pages and improv'd a whole comedy sketch around them. Soooo funny.

Ended the evening by heading over to catch the return of Stone Temple Pilots. They...kinda sucked. I didn't stay for the whole thing. Scott Weiland seemed sober though.

Monday 9/1 -

  • I headed over much earlier than I had intended considering that most of the acts that I cared about weren't until later.
  • Caught a little of Joshua Morrison which was good. Then I headed over to comedy to see Greg Behrendt (y'know the "He's Just Not That Into You" guy) who was actually hysterical. On Saturday I had actually had a "F" list celebrity sighting when I ran into Craig from this season's Mole. He was very nice and gave me a hug. Then I kept on running into him including at the comedy venue on Monday so we ended up sitting together. He's very nice and a cutie!
  • After comedy caught some Bedouin Soundclash from the beer garden and then ate a salmon sandwich (and a funnel cake...shhh...don't judge me) while watching this blues dude named Langhorne Slim.
  • Met up with Kathy and we went back to the beer garden to watch a little world music from Cheb I Sabbah. Finally we headed over for one of the main reasons that I attended the festival this year - The Old 97s. I gotta say, as much as I love them, their energy seemed a little off tonight. Although it could entirely have been me - I was exhausted at that point.
  • My celebrity sighting quotient went up notches when I saw not only comedian David Cross but the actress Amber Tamblyn whose hand he was holding. Are they an item? What a strange yet intriguing couple. Amber was actually luminously beautiful in person. I confess that I've never thought that she was pretty. At all. When she was that kid on General Hospital (Emily?) I thought she was so ugly and awkward, and she didn't really improve in my eyes as she got older and more famous. Even in the Traveling Pants movies where all 4 of those girls look so scrubbed-face and pretty, Amber just seems dulled. ANYWAY, girl is gorgeous, and was wearing a fab outfit and shoes. And I guess is getting it from David Cross of all people. Go figure.
  • I finished the night by seeing about 6 min of Sondre Lerche. I was so tired by that point that I had to get to my car and drive home for fear of not making it at all. It seemed like it was going to be a great show, oh well.

Now it's all over and it's time to begin one of the busiest, most hectic months of my life. Good times.

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