Friday, November 6, 2009

Catching up

I've been sick for about a week now (not bacon flu, just bad cold) and instead of being able to just take care of myself, rest, and you know fuck around on the computer (aka "blog"), I've had to work, deal with an annoying parent situation, and live through 48 hours of the wettest, weirdest, windiest weather I've experienced since moving to Seattle.

I've been behind on most of my television shows, but tonight I got current with a few; here are my thoughts.

Not being able to vote and having the judges send home the first 4 dancers hasn't been as bad as I thought. And I've pretty much agreed with their choices. But WTF? Nigel & Co. for putting Victor in the bottom 2 this week? Not cool. All of my faves are still in it (Nathan, Jakob, Ellenore, Russell) and I have been pleasantly surprised by a few dancers that I thought for sure I'd be hating (Legacy, Kathryn, Ryan). I'm still hating that Nathan is paired with Mollee, but even though she's the most immature annoying person alive, I don't want to punch her in the mouth as much as I have previously. It will be interesting to see how the voting plays out in the coming weeks.

Top Chef -
Zzzzzzzzzzzz so boring this season. Can they just give Kevin the $100K and the GE appliances already?

Project Runway -
Boring as well as annoying. While I'm happy to see an all-girl finale, the ending of this season has been so damn anticlimatic. And I don't think it's just because it was filmed a million years ago. And Irina can suck it. She's just so damn unpleasant.

Real Housewives -
I gave up on the latest Atlanta season weeks ago; I mean can we all just admit that Kim is a horrible dumbass and stop humoring her? But this week the 5th(!) season of the OC part of the franchise (OC = Original C U next Tuesdays) began and Bravo's sucked me in again. I'm just as ashamed of me as you are.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge "The Ruins" (or as The Soup hilariously refers to it "The RUNS" -
I'm bored with this show too, and I never thought I'd say that about a Challenge, especially since this season started out so awesomely. But there you go. All of drama is gone (Tonya), the loud and crazy (Katie, Wes), and the buttery (Veronica); all gone. Even my boyfriend Kenny, and the usually affable Bananas are irksome. I'd love for Cohutta to win the whole damn thing but I know that won't happen.

Survivor: Samoa -
I'm only half-assed watching this because of the betting pool I'm in at work (go Natalie!). And for weeks it's been predictable even with Russell's crazy medical stuff etc. But this week after the merge the game got kind of interesting. In a surprise move, the former Galu banded together with old Foa Foa to vote off Eric (#1 hottie, just edging out John and Mick). This was done with the help of Jaison and a lot from my girl Natalie (way to go girl!). The vote also ended up flushing out the 2 immunity idols so we don't have to worry about those for the rest of this season. Woo!

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