Monday, October 26, 2009

TV Show Breakup

It's been a long time coming Heroes. I've stood by you longer than any of my friends or family has. Through 4 seasons I've stood by you; I've made excuses for your bad writing and bad casting decisions that continued to happen over and over since the second season began. I was forced to defend you on a regular basis, and had to deal with people's loss of respect when they found out that I still watched and somewhat enjoyed you.
I struggled through the abyssmal third season, embarrassed to admit to friends that I was still watching you, like someone whose boyfriend gets too loud and obnoxious when they drink and they can't admit to their friends that they're still seeing the lout.
And after that struggle, I was so gun-shy to even give you another chance with this new season. But I gamely carried on; kept your Tivo season pass set to not delete any episodes until I decided, kept your season pass priority in my top 10. But I was hesitant to watch any of the new season; so afraid of disappointment. Again.
I finally bit the bullet and watched all of season 4's aired episodes this weekend. And I'm through. I'm outta here boy! You've let me down for the last time. I deleted your season pass last night at 10:58 PM. I won't get fooled again; I don't care how hot Milo Ventimiglia or Zachary Quinto are, or how much I love Greg Grunberg and want him to have a successful show.
Peace out!
For another perspective on what might have been, read this article from Television Without Pity.

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