Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend TV catchup

Seattle had one of the nicest fall weekends I can remember; with sunny but crisp cool temperatures, and I got to spend a lot of quality time with friends laughing, eating and singing. Consequently I didn't watch a lot of tv but that's not stopping me from talking about the couple of shows I did see.

10/2 Saturday Night Live hosted by Ryan Reynolds with musical guest Lady Gaga - if these two weren't exciting enough they were joined by surprise guest stars Madonna, Scarlet Johansson, Elijah Wood, and former SNL cast member Darrell Hammond. With all that talent it should have been a home run right? Yet not. Aside from Gaga's inspired and ridiculously over-the-top performance art pieces, the show was a surprising dud. My babe Ryan has such good comedic timing that I thought for sure he'd hit it out of the park. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Ryan when I really should be blaming the writers. Most of the jokes and skits fell flat. Aside from the "porCEElane fountain" sketch, and a send-up of So You Think You Can Dance featuring K-Fed, almost nothing else worked. Ryan was still real nice to look at though - that Scarlet is one lucky bitch.

The Amazing Race 15 -
Ok seriously, how annoying are Lance and Keri?! Yes, he's an arrogant know-it-all meathead, but she bugs me just as much what with her continued mispronunciation of Ho Chi Minh City ("Ho Chi MON city") and insisting they were in said city for some reason even though the clue said to take a taxi into the city and her fawking witless squawking - "'s just a bullet. Where's the clue? Tell 'em to give us our clue!". Sigh...I did enjoy the poignant moment with Marcy (BTW I love her whistle) reflecting on the beauty of Vietnam and thinking about her dad who was a U.S. general POW who was shot down, too bad they were eliminated. And the Globetrotters are still a delight.

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