Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SYTYCD - Season 6 Top 20

I think we've got a really great mix this season. In fact I'll go out on a limb and say that I haven't been this excited about a top 20 since season 3.
Almost all of the of my early favorites made it, including Russell, Nathan, Phillip, and Ellenore. And while there are a handful of folks that annoy me to no end (Mollee Gray I'm looking at you and wanting to slap you and cover your mouth with duct tape), and one BIG surprise in my fave Paula turning her spot down for a part in a movie (the hell?), for the most part I feel that this might be one of the most talented groups we've had on this show.

Next week instead of the regular performance competition episode they'll have an episode that profiles each of the top twenty dancers as a sort of "get to know them" dance exhibition. I'm very excited about this as it will give the audience a chance to experience everyone equally and not just bond to those handful that they focused on during the audition rounds. These are the folks I'm excited to get know a little better: Karen, Ariana, Kevin, Victor, and Peter
But really it'll just be awesome getting to see all of these guys dance without pressure and show the world their personalities.
On a side note -
What was up with Mia Michaels shaved head? Does she have an illness we don't know about? Is this why she's leaving SYTYCD? I'm still super bummed that we won't get any of Mia's cool choreography this season. Was she that mad about Adam Shankman getting the permanent judge seat?

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