Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Make Me A Supermodel Finale

Tonight is the second season’s finale, and besides knowing for sure that the winner is a guy (the top 3 are all male so duh) I am surprisingly unspoiled for the outcome. I'm rooting for Sandhurst as I have been for most of this season. Since my other faves have been ousted, Sandhurst has been getting all of my love.
Jonathan kind of seems like the sure bet, since they’re always talking about how they see “money” when they look at him; and yes, he has an interesting big-nose face that photographs well, and YES, Jonathan’s body is outer limits.
However, I have a feeling that Branden might be the one that takes the title. I know he’s very green, but the judges are always talking about how fresh he is and how modern his “look” is, and the winners of these shows are so often who I don’t think deserves it – so in other words, I’m preparing myself for a Branden win. And heck, he’s very cute and doesn’t annoy me that much, so it’s all very win-win for me.
I’ve said this before but this season of MMASM hasn’t resonated with me as much as the first season did. I didn’t connect with the contestants as much as I did with like Perry, Shannon, Casey, and Ronnie from S1. And while I was happy that they got rid of the audience voting (because seriously, what the hell do we know?), I was sorry to see the “almost-real time” filming go by the wayside. This season’s judging was also hit and miss; with the judges’ opinions often completely contradicting the photographer’s. But unlike most people I actually liked the main core of panel judges with model caster extraordinaire with the weird accent Marlon, and always smokin’ Jenny Schmizu (even Perou – shoot me, I think he’s hot). I liked that Tyson Beckford was in the mentor role instead of being a judge; it suited him much better, because last year his favoritism towards Perry and Ronnie stuck out like a sore thumb. They could probably get rid of the other model chick mentor though. What’s her name? Nicole? Anyway, yeah make her a goner before season 3.
Go, Sandhurst!

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