Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"I want candy!"

This morning while I was cashing in $10 worth of Oregon state lottery tickets at a Pantry Pride convenience store, I looked down at the candy racks in front of me at the counter and was met with the full-on complete roster of the Hershey Company's "Good & Plenty" family. The box that caught my eye was one I'd never seen before - Good & Fiery. I was intrigued enough to plunk down $1.18 of my lottery winnings on a box.

"Good & Fiery" is described as a "sweet & spicy chewy candy." There were four flavors in the box - lemon, orange, apple, and cinnamon. The inclusion of fruit flavors struck me as really weird. The cinnamon pieces are, like the box promises, both sweet and spicy. They pack more heat than a Hot Tamale but they're small enough that I wasn't overwhelmed by the spiciness. The other flavors? I can't decide if I love them or feel like I'm eating potpourri. The apple "plenties" are a slightly lighter, brighter red color than the cinnamon ones and they sort of taste like apple cider. The lemon and orange ones taste like citrus and cinnamon. Which is fine for a tea but I don't know if I dig it in candy form. I usually love any citrus candy but I'm on the fence about these. I kind of wish the whole box was just the apple though.

I would recommend "Good & Fiery" if you see a box in the store, especially if you're a Hot Tamale fan.

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