Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - week 2

First off, for my money there isn't a better judge on this show than Lil' C. I just love him.
Second, having both Shane Sparks AND Brian motherfawkin' Freidman back as choreographers? Total bliss.
Overall, this week wasn't as strong as last week's premiere, but still the best two hours of tv this week.

Randi/Evan - Yes, their jive technique was a little lax, but their enthusiasm and sense of "fun" made the routine totally work for me. So glad that Louis Van Amstel seems to be a permanent choreographer this season, even with Nigel patting his own back every 5 seconds about hiring him. His routines rock.

Melissa/Ade - Boy, am I loving this couple. LOVE THEM. I could watch them dance all night. I really want to find everything out about Ade - he's so intriguing.

Caitlin/Jason - How cute was Jason as baby Michael Jackson? Hee! Ok, Jason did all the work in this routine. Caitlin was totally "white girl". But I still think they have really good chemistry. I am a little worried about them though.

Janette/Brandon - Why can't I get into this pairing? Individually I like them, but together? I don't know, they just fall flat. What can I say about their routine - it was a Doriana Sanchez, who I hate. But it was actually one of her better dances and B&J did pretty well. But still...meh The judges praised it more than they should have IMO.

Asuka/Vitolio - Spit bubbles, Asuka? Ugggh. Louis Van Amstel is amazing people! That was some gawddam dance therapy, even if Vitolio was a little stiff for me, he brought the emotion; they both did.

Kayla/Max - Brian Friedman y'all! Was he wearing Hammer pants and boots in the rehearsal studio? Hee hee. I enjoyed this routine a lot. Max was better out of the ballroom style than I thought he'd be and Kayla is definitely one of the best girls.

Karla/Jonathan - New choreographer Stacy Tookey! Loved this, although I kind of wish another couple had been dancing it, although Jonathan and Karla did well. And they're just so cute. A little too cute. But they brought "Deely chills" and made the judges go ga-ga.

Jeanine/Philip - I was soooo worried about this one. I love these two so much and I thought the tango would be their downfall. And it sort of was; but I thought they did well considering. I hope they're not in the bottom three.

Ashley/Kupono - Oh Pono my little OCD love - organizing shoes by the shape of their sole? And the to-do list? So cute. Excellent Shane Sparks routine. But they both kind of sucked at it. Totally agreed with Mary Murphy's judgement - "Just there".

I don't want any of these people to go home. But I dialed for Ade/Melissa and Philip/Jeanine. Should be an interesting elimination episode.

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