Friday, June 5, 2009

SYTYCD - Season 5 Top 20 Finalists

And now it begins...My total obsession and geek love for this dance competition show. I enjoyed the hell out of last night's top 20 pick episode.
The dramas - Judges fighting over Brandon! Two brothers, only one will make it!
The joys - Phillip made it! Ashley is finally good enough! Randi is bringing her unitards!
The sadness - Alex Wong can't get out of his Miami Ballet contract! Ryan Kasprzak got cut!
By the way loved the use of Ray LaMontagne as the "we're sorry you didn't make it" montage music.
Here are my pre-show top 5:

Phillip Chbeeb - Love him! Love love love. After not making it to Vegas in S3, and then being deathly ill with pneumonia in S4, this season he finally made it. Can't wait to see him partner.

Jason Glover - Adam Shankman said in Vegas that this kid is pretty much the definition of SYTYCD and he's exactly right. Jason sort of reminds me of a monkey. An utterly adorable dancing monkey. He makes me smile.

Ashley Valerio - This was the 4th time (!) that Ashley had tried out for the show and made it to the Vegas round. She's the little engine that could, never giving up and this year she made it! I like her style.

Evan Kasprzak - I was a little heartbroken when the choice for the final guy's spot came down to between brothers Evan and Ryan Kasprzak. This was totally "Sophie's Choice" to me - I'm just glad to have one of them in the competition this year. Now the producers need to bring Ryan on as the Broadway style chroreographer - his stuff kicks Tyce Diorio's ass!

Paris Torres - I have to root for a local girl. Seattle (erm, Issaquah) represent!! Seriously, this girl is a little firecracker. I'd like to see her paired up with Phillip.

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