Wednesday, June 24, 2009


First, I want to take a moment to actually thank Fox for their continued promotion of the greatest show on tv - Glee. I can't wait until September!

Ok, it was the top 16 tonight. I enjoyed this week better than last's. And who would have thought that my favorite dances of the night would all be ballroom?!

The Good:
Melissa/Ade - Melissa's body IS SICK! I loved their Rhumba. Nigel's dumb pun aside, "what a difference Ade makes" indeed. These two are now firmly cemented in the number one spot as my favorite couple this season. And they danced to one of my favorite Bee Gees covers, Destiny Child's version of "Emotion".

Kayla/Kupono - Lame Jewel song aside, I loved this Viennese waltz and loved these two as a couple. I don't really get what Nigel was talking about when he said it wasn't exciting. Anyway, I'm rooting for this couple.

Caitlin/Jason - It could have had a bit more staccato movements and Jason's posture could've been better. But considering their lack of ballroom background I enjoyed this paso doble a lot.

The Bad:
Now and forever - Mary Murphy's screaming.

Karla/Johnathan - ugh, I really didn't like this hip-hop routine at all. Karla tried her best, but Jonathan was not good.

The Blah:
Asuka/Vitolio - Mandy Moore sure does love the 80s doesn't she? They danced their jazz to one of my fave songs, "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar, but it still didn't really do much for me. Agreed with Toni on this one that they were letting their "technique" get in the way of stuff.

Janette/Brandon - Okay, I can't deny that they did very well with their Dave Scott hip-hop routine. Why can't I get into this couple? If I analyze the individual parts - Brandon, I like; Janette is sort of charming - I feel like these two should be in top for me, but they just aren't.

Janine/Philip - They truly need to take Broadway away from Tyce, although I think it was a good idea to go the Donald O'Connor route for Philip. I wanted to love these two this week and it was just okay. The feathers DID upstage them a bit.

The Weird:
Whenever Toni Basil is a judge on this show, she says the strangest things. She's very intense.

Randi/Evan - I don't know about this Mia Michaels' routine. I did not dig the choreography and although I agree with Nigel that Evan and Randi "followed through"on it. It was just too odd for me. And how can you be a sexy poodle?

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