Thursday, July 30, 2009

More TV stuff this week

Why did the dog have big ears?
...Because it was a corn dog
I've been eating a lot of popsicles this week because it's been so damn hot in Seattle. And with popsicles often come corny-ass pun jokes geared towards kids. Or stupid people.

Speaking of stupid people, really America? Evan deserves to be in the season 5 finale of So You Think You Can Dance? Over Ade? No. Totally wrong. He's not good enough. I will sorely miss my boyfriend Ade. So handsome. I'll see you in November on the tour baby! Otherwise, I'm fine with the other 3 finalists. GO JEANINE!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping for a Sabra-like surge to the top spot for her.
Actually up to the last 10 minutes I thoroughly enjoyed this results show. Seeing the Jabberwockys, Will, Jessica, Mark, Chelsie, Twitch, Katee, and Joshua dance again was really great. Although it did bring to light that although we've had a couple of amazing group dance routines this season, there haven't really been any standout partner pieces. Not a "Bleeding Love" in the bunch.

Guiltiest Pleasure of the week? Ruby & The Rockits
Okay yes, it's SUPER cheesy and saccharine sweet. But I am loving the family dynamics on this show and everyone involved can actually really sing. I've always been a Cassidy brother fan (all of them) and I'm loving the fake 80s music videos they show every episode for the Rockits with horribly awesome songs like "Chunnel of Love" hee hee hee.

Big Brother 11 - I really hope that this new Coup D'etat thing spices up this thoroughly boring season. I'm just saying if someone like Jeff, Jordan, or Michelle doesn't get some power soon and shake things up I'll be pissed. C'mon America, let's actually mess with this show.

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