Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 12 performances

Two dances for each couple tonight, so there's a lot to cover. This time of the competition is always sad because you totally feel for that couple that just misses making the tour. Not sure why Cat made such a big deal with announcing that next week all the couples are broken up - that happens every season at this time (except for S1). Maybe it was for the benefit of new viewers? Or wait...did Cat say that they wouldn't ever get to dance together again? Not even by random drawing out of the hat? Harrumph...
Tasty Oreo was the guest judge tonight. And seriously, what has crawled up Tyce's ass to make him so odd? He wasn't exactly bitchy tonight but it's like he's trying to be a combo of Brian Freidman from season 1 and Mia Michaels and instead he's just kind of an uninteresting asshole. Anyway...

My favorite couple started the night out with disco from fucking Doriana Sanchez. Why?! Why did Melissa and Ade get stuck with a Doriana routine? Because the one she did for Brandon and Janette a couple of weeks ago was the only halfway decent choreography she's done for this show in 5 seasons, so I don't think we're going to get lucky and have that lightning hit twice. It was pretty good but a little frantic as so many Sanchez routines are. Melissa struggled a bit. And those spins! I felt for Mel on that last lift that she fell out of because she was so dizzy. Ade was great - good energy.

Kupono and Kayla's first dance was from Mia Michaels. The "addiction" theme was a little heavy-handed and overwrought. BUT once again Mia created a dance that took my breath away. And she used one of my fave songs too. Pono and Kayla were pretty damn amazing.

Jason and Caitlin began with the Foxtrot. I really liked it although it wasn't too exciting. I can still see them being in the bottom 3 because I don't think the audience is feeling them.

Okay, Philip and Jeanine got screwed with Russian folk dancing. Jeanine put great effort into it and was actually good with what she was given. Philip was not good. But then the judges just harped on how shitty the choreography was which was totally unfair to both the dancers and the choreographers. It felt "too folky" Nigel? Annoying.

Evan and Randi got hip-hop from Nappy Tabs. Napoleon actually admitted that they choreographed a "move for every syllable". Sigh - I hate how literal their routines are with the music. The dancing was just okay for me. Randi actually did a lot better than I expected but it was a little too cheerleadery.

Brandon and Janette. I think these two will fair better with me once we're in the top 10 and they're with different partners and more separate. Because right now as a couple they totally annoy me. Yes, they're great blah blah, but I hate the stink of "TCO" that's all over them. I fully expect to see at least Brandon in the finale but until then I need them off my screen together. Oh yeah, their Argentine tango was excellent.

Melissa and Ade got a waltz (from Ron Montez!) as their second dance which I feel a little let down about because I really was dying to see them do a NappyTabs routine - oh well. How cute was Melissa interviewing about how much she'd miss dancing with Ade? I really liked this flowy waltz. Ade got to show off some moves and Mel was elegant as usual. (side criticism about Ade's costume - it wasn't quite "and then there's Maude" as Vitolio's was a few weeks ago but still awful). I could seriously watch these two dance together forever.

Pono and Kayla got Broadway from that Joey lady again (please keep her!). I totally get the Kayla love now. The judges were lukewarm with their praise and kind of see where they were coming from but I really like these two and want to see them move on.

I was so happy that Jason and Caitlin got to dance their style for their last dance together. I kind of loved this Mandy Moore routine (to a Maria McKee song of all things). People didn't seem that excited about it though, so I fully expect to see them in the bottom 3.

The deck was definitely stacked against Philip and Jeanine tonight. The jive? I really felt for them but if there was ever any ballroom that fit Philip it's this. They did pretty well.

I seriously can't see either Randi or Evan dancing with anyone else. I mean can you picture Evan with Melissa? Or Unitard with Philip? No way. Their last dance was a samba choreographed by two of my favorites contestants on this show ever - Pasha(!!) and Anya! Yay! I was way more excited about the rehearsal footage than the performance of the actual dance sadly. It looked like Evan was wearing a unitard of his own. Hee!

Brandon and Janette got Wade. Of course they did. They were awesome. Whatever.

Oh and Cat Deeley looked gorgeous!

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