Thursday, July 2, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 Performances

What a great week of dancing. I enjoyed so many of the performances tonight that I'm actually super sad for Thursday night eliminations. I really don't want anyone to go! On a side note - Mia Michaels bugs me as a judge. She really does.
On to the dancing!

Brandon/Janette - I have been very lukewarm on this couple. I can't pinpoint what it's been about them, but they've just been 'meh' to me. They cranked up the heat tonight though with their AWESOME performance. I love me a good cha cha y'all and this one was one of the best I've seen. They reminded me a lot of their choreographers Jean-Marc and France from their competition days .

Kupono/Kayla - I really do like these two as a couple. While I enjoyed their performance I didn't really get the "vampire" story aspect of the modern jazz piece from Sonya Tayeh. Beautiful lines from these two though.

Evan/Randi - Probably one of the weaker performances tonight, and that's saying something because I liked this routine. And YAYYYY! for a new Broadway choreographer. I like Joey Dowling. Keep her please!

Jason/Caitlin - They've had the toughest dance draw so far and I thought they lucked out with getting weird-ass Brian Freidman in his dream-catcher muscle shirt and his super detailed alien pregnancy fantasy jazz piece. I thought they were great. But they're probably in trouble. The judges were harsher than they needed to be. "Dancing condom" indeed Nigel.

Philip/Jeanine - First, was Napoleon wearing a velvet riding hat in the rehearsal? The hell? NappyTabs (ha! Nigel used their nickname that the internet forum people gave them) continue their fascination with very literal dance interpretation of song titles - "Love Lockdown"? Really, with the chains and key and stuff? We get it. But that said, I enjoyed the heck out of this routine. I actually thought that all of the judges were going to be harder on these for some reason not just Mia.

Ade/Melissa - Oh I love love love these two. But. I felt weird about their pas de deux. Is the show permanently adding ballet as a style after last year's coup of nabbing Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden as choreographers for the gorgeous Pas de deux that Katee and Will did? Nigel didn't really address it, except for tooting his own horn about how awesome the show is. Or did the show do this because ballet is Melissa's genre? If another pair had picked this style out of the hat would Thordal Christenson have done something different that wouldn't have required toe shoes? Melissa and Ade were beautiful but I felt like they had an unfair advantage somehow. And also, Ade didn't have much to do. And also he wasn't shirtless. Boo. Shut up Mia and your gushing about the "black and white" Romeo & Juliet - it kind of demeans it.

Vitolio/Karla - The new couple this week. And they got stuck with the dreaded quickstep, poor suckers. But this pair did really well with the close hold and the footwork. God how I hate Rufus Wainwright's voice. His awful rendition of "Puttin' On The Ritz" distracted me throughout this routine. This is the pair that I wouldn't mind losing, which again is a shame because they are really good and I like them as a couple together.

One mention about the Dizzy Feet stuff - sounds like a great foundation, but tell me again why Katie Holmes is involved? And why is she dancing in the Tasty Oreo choreographed Judy Garland tribute that'll be performed on the 100th episode of this show? Mrs. Tom Cruise certainly did not impress me with her dancing when she was on Eli Stone last year. Well her "dancing" is at least better than her "singing" and maybe she's been practicing.

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