Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer 2009 TV Preview - July/August

July is a month filled with a lot of returning favorites, and a handful of new ones that have potential.

First, the returning shows I'm most looking forward to:
Torchwood (BBC America) - I wasn't sure how I felt about this "Doctor Who" spinoff after the first episode, but after two seasons I've grown to love it and especially Captain Jack. Last season ended with a lot of drama and several main cast members dying, so I'm looking forward to the kickoff of season 3 in a couple of weeks.
Big Brother 11 - Oh BB, summer just isn't summer without you. For a few years there, you and I had a rocky relationship, what with asshole fucktards like Evel Dick, Mike Douche, and Adam the missing link winning, and all of your dumb "twists" and "expect the unexpected" bullshit. But last season you actually redeemed yourself and finally crowned a winner that I wanted, for seriously like the first time in 7 seasons. Anyway, I'm giving you another chance and this year I'm participating in my office pool (go Ronnie and Russell!?) so there's $150 on the line to hold my interest.
Eureka - Another science fiction fave and the last remaining show on the SyFy network (can I stop a minute to complain about this channel's IDIOTIC decision to change their name from Sci-Fi to SyFy? WTF? It doesn't make sense. It's a nonsense word/abbreviation that's totally unnecessary! And what was the motivation? Were they being sued? The hell?! Ok rant over.) that I still watch. Looking forward to seeing what Carter and the rest of this town's quirky occupants get into this season. And there's a new robot sheriff! Played by the cute boat guy from "Men in Trees".

Project Runway - finally this lost season will be airing sometime in late July or early August on its new home on Lifetime. I'm more curious than excited to see how things play out. And I hope the show's producers can get their shit together so that the next season can actually play out at Fashion Week correctly like in seasons past.

Premiering shows -
Great American Road Trip (NBC) Premieres July 7
I'm liking the commercials and the fact that everyone's competing in a Winnebago as they travel along Route 66 and compete in "comical" (NBC's word) challenges. I'm a little worried that it'll turn into a redux of The Amazing Race: Family Edition which was such a colossal failure. World's Largest Rocking Chair here we come.

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime)Premieres July 12
A hot blonde model(?) is killed in an accident, but through reincarnation comes back as a plus-sized lawyer. The blonde has to adjust to life with more brains and less physical beauty and hijinks ensue. Margaret Cho plays the lead's wise-cracking assistant and that is really the only reason I'm tuning in at first.

Michael & Michael Have Issues (Comedy Central) Premieres July 15
Love Michael Sholwalter and LOVE Michael Ian Black, so I'm looking forward to this sketch comedy show. Especially knowing that other comedy boyfriends like Rob Huebel are going to be guests.

Ruby and the Rockits (ABC Family) Premieres July 21
Patrick and David Cassidy star as formerly famous brothers whose band broke up because of their battling. Years later they are reunited when David needs help raising his recently discovered teen daughter. Sounds sort of awful, but Shaun Cassidy created it and his previously helmed shows have all been really smart and well done. And I am fascinated by the meta aspect of the fact that the show is created by one brother and stars his two other brothers and they all sing and dance? Could be so awful it's awesome!

Being Human (BBCA) Premieres July 25
This UK series about three roommates is making its way across the pond, but it has a bit of a twist, as the roomies are a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf. I am generally a fan of most of the BBC sci-fi/fantasy shows so I will definitely be giving this one a try.

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