Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 10 Baby!

Oh geezus y'all, tonight's episode was so gawddam AWESOME. I don't know if I had lowered expectations, or if the caliber of dancing was really just that good; I was blown away.
First of all my favorite guest judge Debbie Allen was on board tonight. Maybe it's because she reminds me of my mom in many ways, (also Debbie kicks all kinds of ass!) but I just love her.
This is the point of the competition where individuality takes over. America's votes and the girl and guy with the lowest votes goes home. Tonight they switched it up a little with introducing each an all girl and all guy routine. The girls did a Bollywood number to open the show, and the guys did an African dance to close the show. Both were amazing.
So let's talk individuals:
Brandon - His solo was rather weak for me tonight, although still very good, it's just compared to some of the other solos it was just "there".
For his partner dance he got Melissa and they got Broadway (but really jazzy to the revival of "Hair") from Tasty Oreo. They both worked well together and Brandon had some great moves that showed off his leg strength and musicality. But he really is short isn't he?

Randi - Zzzzzzzzzzzz Okay, that's not really fair considering that Unitard is a better dancer than many of the women in seasons past. It's just that she was the most uninspired tonight. I can't imagine that she's not going home this week.
She got Kupono as a partner and their Paso Doble while better than many this show has seen, was still rather passionless.

Kupono - His solo was just as weird as he always is; I've never really liked his solo stuff. He tried his best in the Paso Doble with Randi, but his movements weren't sharp enough for the Paso.

Melissa - Her solo was fine; not too exciting, although ol' grandma's still got it. But I just loved her with Brandon in the "Hair" number. It was hard to take my eyes off her, and that's saying a lot when you're dancing with Brandon.

Evan - He "Danced With His Big Woman". Hee! Debbie Allen is win. I thought his Viennese waltz with Kayla (who is like a foot taller than him) was well executed and I thought he was unjustly criticized by Mary and Nigel. I mean I guess they're the experts but I can usually see where they're coming from and I didn't get it tonight. His solo was predictable Gene Kelly fare but enjoyable.

Kayla - She really is phenomenal no matter who she's paired with. But I find her solo work less inspiring. Still, Kayla is the most well-rounded dancer this season (maybe any season) and I enjoy watching her.

Ade - This boy is SPECTACULAR. Love. He had the best solo of the night hands down (even if he was a little cocky afterwards, although prompted by Cat). And it was a pleasure to get to see him finally do hip-hop, which he's shown a knack for in some of his intro solo work; this time paired up with Janette for a NappyTabs routine. I usually don't like choreography that uses props, but the "hair pick of destiny" and Janette's wardrobe items were well done and added a fun element to the routine. I want to see this one done on tour!

Jeanine - Boy did she jump out of the gate shining tonight without Philip holding her back. She got Jason as a partner which was incredibly lucky because they've known and danced with each other for some years which really made their chemistry palpable. And, be still my heart, they got to dance a contemporary routine from TRAVIS WALL! Travis, I want to have a million gay babies with you! The routine was so damn beautiful I got misty. So moving, so hot. Jeanine has consistently done some of my favorite solo work this season from the ladies.

Jason - As Nigel said, Jason became a star tonight dancing a tremendous routine with Jeanine. The lifts he did were out of this world. So much control. He made Mary Murphy cry instead of scream. His solo to a random Muddy Waters tune was fun, lively, and showcased his strengths. I still don't know how he tore Jeanine's dress though.

Janette - As I've said before, the ballroom dancer solos aren't usually my favorite thing. But Janette's little saucy number was very fun and energetic. She's such an amazing talent. Besides Kayla and Ade I think she has the most potential in almost all of the styles which I wouldn't have guessed back in the audition rounds. Loved her hip-hop with Ade.

My top 3 routines are pictured. I predict that Unitard is going home for the girls and possibly Kupono for the guys.


Vance said...

"grandma"? Ouch!

DuchessKitty said...

I was sort of joking about the "grandma" moniker. Obviously Melissa isn't ancient, and since I'm a decade older than her I really can't talk.
But I do think that Melissa being the oldest contestant has sort of made her a little spazzy. She's always overdoing it at the end of the show credits. Over-twirling, over-winking, blowing kisses, comes off rather desparate.
So even though she one of the my favorite girls this season, I've resigned myself to her not being on it for much longer. I don't think the fans "get" her.