Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TV Tidbits

Let's first talk about the Bachelorette Jillian season finale this week, and the following ATFR show.
That finale sure was a bunch of Fleissian producer-manipulated bullshit that I pretty much ate right up with a spoon. Maybe the heatwave Seattle's been going through has given me a bad case of heat-induced retardation but I loved Jillian and Ed getting together. I loved everything about that final rose proposal - Ed not getting on his knees until he heard the words he wanted to hear, the way Jillian couldn't wait to put that fugly marquis cut engagement ring on her finger, the adorkable giggling they both couldn't stop doing, I loved every minute of it.
All I know is that these two better keep it together and make it work, because I can no longer justify any reason for watching this damn show if none of these relationships actually work out.
The After The Final Rose show was a crock as usual. First there was the obligatory catch-up with Melissa Rycroft, which even Chris Harrison had a hard time making relevant, which is saying something. Speaking of Chris Harrison, what was up with his head on ATFR? His noggin looked enormous and his hair was a lot pouffier then usual. He looked like a bobble-head.
Anyway, Jillian and Ed look really great together and I truly hope it works out for them. I want "Krista PEENK party princess wedding 2.0". C'mon Fleiss, make it happen.
They are so obviously grooming Reid for the next Bachelor; and there's no fawking way I believe that he bought his own engagement ring.

True Blood: Terry Bellefleur + Lafayette Reynolds = Best Friends 4eva!!!Loved their scene in the kitchen, but boy was the rest of this week's episode FREEEEAAAKKYYYY. Almost uncomfortably so, but I do like how the writers are incorporating storylines from the books. It makes being a fan of both very easy, but you never know what they're going to do.

HGTV's Design Star - Loving this season so far. Annoying, excuse-ridden Tashika should've gone home this past week instead of Amy, although I see why the judges were so fed up with Amy's lack of leadership skills. Antonio, Dan, and Nathan I'm loving though.

Watch What Happens L!ve - Oh Andy Cohen, how can I want to hang out gossiping with you while drinking Makers & Gingers and at the same time want to beat you with a pillowcase filled with baseballs? Such a quandry.

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