Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top Eight Performances - SYTYCD

I'm keeping tonight's comments fairly short. I'll be posting a big piece about SYTYCD tomorrow to commemorate their 100th episode instead.
Ellen Degeneres was sort of ho-hum as a judge. She loved everyone which was expected but I just thought (wanted) she'd be funnier and wackier. And as Nigel said, this episode was the flattest of the season for me. I think these guys are all really nervous and tired.

The great:
The Tyce Diorio contemporary piece about breast cancer. Just so powerful. Amazing. I get teary-eyed.
The video here is a snippet from tonight's show that includes my two favorites of the night, the above mentioned Tyce piece, and Jeanine's solo.

The good:
Jeanine - Her solo was the best of the night out of everyone's; 30 seconds? I could've watched her dancing to that Citizen Cope song for 30 minutes! She was the best part of both of her partner dances with Brandon tonight as well.

Janette - where did this girl come from? Yes I know Miami, but seriously, she's awesome in everything isn't she?

Melissa - She touched my heart a little, not just in the Tyce piece. It was also her best solo yet.

The okay:
Brandon - The only reason why Brandon isn't in the 'meh' category is because of the fantastic way he danced that Laurieann Gibson pop-jazz piece. It was the best routine of the night (excluding the Tyce piece).

Ade - I hate to say this but other than his solo, which was the best of the guys, he was just blah for me in the cha cha. The Tyce contemporary piece was PHENOMENAL but for me it was truly a partnership dance that wasn't really about Ade. He's still my favorite and my secret boyfriend, and I still voted like crazy for him, but he fell kind of flat for me overall. That said, I will flip the hell out if he doesn't make the top 4.

Kayla - She was serviceable. But faded into the background compared to the other girls tonight.

Jason - If I look at the dancing he did tonight it was all very fine, but boy was it forgettable.

The meh:
Evan - He's just not doing it for me. Totally agreed with the judges about his performance in Sonya's jazz piece and thought he was cringeworthy in the rumba. When he tries to be "that kind" of sexy (as opposed to the first jazz piece he danced this season with Randi) he just makes me uncomfortable. I don't think he deserves to move on. Although I know he has a strong fan base so he'll probably move on. hrrumph

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