Monday, August 3, 2009

July TV report card

Surprises (Good) -
Drop Dead Diva; Ruby & The Rockits; 2nd season of True Blood
I've already talked these three programs up in previous posts. I'm still enjoying these programs each week.

HGTV's Design Star
I am loving this latest season of Design Star probably more than any of the previous ones for some reason. Yes, Clive Pearse continues to bug, and Tashica should've gone home weeks ago, it's still really fun. And Candice Olson - hello! Go Dan Vickery! He's adorable and talented (and from Portland, OR); I would gladly watch a show that he hosted.

Surprises (Bad)
Miami Social
Part of me gets a thrill out of watching this idiotic group of friends; I mean for real, there are a lot of assholes just like this in Miami. But when Hardy Hill (of Big Brother season 2 fame) is the least tooliest of the bunch, bringing the voice of reason and sanity to the mix, you know something is messed up. I'm close to deleting the season pass on this one like I did for "NYC Prep".

Torchwood: Children of Earth
Let me explain. Hottie John Barrowman and company are still great, and what little I got to see of the "Children" mini-series was well done. The unpleasant surprise was that I got the dates of the premiere of the 3 episode season mixed up so ended up only recording the end which was really confusing for me and made no sense whatsoever. So far BBCAmerica hasn't replayed it either so I might have to bite the bullet and buy it on dvd.

Surprises (Boring)
Anybody else bored to tears by this season of Eureka? My love of Colin Ferguson can only go so far. I miss the good writing. I mean at this point Carter has been sheriff of this crazy town for a few years. Why is he still so naive and continuously surprised by goings-on there. How did he not know about this annual bowling tournament if it was so important? And each week coming up with the latest misguided reckless scientist is getting to be so lame. I miss Ed Quinn as Stark. Good thing I've gotten to see him a little in his role as Stan on the last couple of episodes of True Blood.

Never watched an episode of Great American Road Trip. Just seeing the clips they showed on "The Soup" told me all I needed to know.

Too early to tell -
Being Human
I watched the two episode premiere this past weekend and liked the three leads a lot. Some of the supporting players are annoying and the storylines are a little thin in places but I'm interested enough to keep watching. Aidan Turner is easy on the eyes too.

Big Brother 11
I know I know, how can I possibly say that it's too early to tell if this is a waste of my time? But seriously, there are still 10 people left in the game and except for one of the evictees, I haven't been sad about anyone leaving. And while there are some serious moronic assholes on this season, it's been a more interesting social experiment to me this time around than in the last few years. Plus I have $150 at stake in an office pool, so I feel invested in caring about the outcome.

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