Friday, March 27, 2009

This week in TV

I'm keeping this relatively short because I'm really frakkin' tired; I mean, the type of tired where I think I might be coming down with something because all I can think about is my bed.
Anyway, on to my favorite subject - TV!

Rock of Love Bus - At this point I'm so over this show as much I love it. Let's be serious, Bret isn't going to actually stay in a relationship with any of these women, so the least he could do is keep the entertaining girls like Ashley, Farrah, and Beverly on. His top 3 are Mindy, Jaime, and Taya? Are you fawking kidding me?! Snorezzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kings - Still loving this new show after the first two eps. Ian McShane is GENIUS. And this Chris Egan kid is really great. I hope it continues to be inspired. It's a show that really should be on cable so I'm worried that it won't fly on NBC.

Make Me a Supermodel - So far I've agreed with all of the eliminated contestants. But I also don't seem to be connecting with anybody this season. Last year by this point in the competition I was fully devoted to Casey, Perry, and Shannon. This year, while I like Johnathan, Branden, and Sandhurst, if any of these guys were sent home I wouldn't lose sleep over it. I am loving that Jennifer Starr isn't on the judging panel this year. And I love me some Jenny Shimizu.

American Idol -
Awesome performances: Anoop, Matt, and Adam
Sucky performances: Megan "Joy", Scott
Elimination results? Predictable. But although, I would've rather seen Megan or Scott off my tv screen, I'm ok with Sarver leaving. Take care Roughneck!

Grey's Anatomy - Quality episode for once. But I am so fawking tired of patients having brain surgery without having their head shaved. At least come up with some fake medical procedure mumbo-jumbo about this new laser that exists that make it possible to do surgery while leaving a full head of lustrous hair. Because seriously? It's annoying. But it's a minor quibble considering how much the writing's improved over the last 3 eps.

Samantha Who? - It's nice to see this gem back and on a new night that I can actually watch it. And my #1 girl-I'd-go-gay-for Angie Harmon was awesome.

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