Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TV Highlights

- Two words to say about American Idol this week - TOTALLY UNINSPIRED

WTF? These nine talented (ok, probably only about 5 are what I would call talented) people had practically the entire American fawking songbook to choose from and those are the songs they chose? And that's how they chose to perform them? The hell?

Absolutely everyone fell apart this week. You either had people like Anoop, Danny, and Matt who I think chose fine songs but didn't execute them very well; or you had people like Adam and Kris who chose two of the most f'ed out, played out, karaoke-fodder, lame songs on the planet to sing. And even though they made these songs "their own", no amount of crazy arrangement is going to make "Ain't No Sunshine" or "Play That Funky Music" any more interesting or less fawking played out. Jeezus! So disappointing.

- Masterpiece Classic: Little Dorrit

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge Charles Dickens fan and I love to watch the various attempts that people have made in TV productions of his works. Some hits ("Bleak House") and some misses ("David Copperfield") have been done by the BBC/PBS. Little Dorrit (an underrated Dickens' classic) firmly falls into the "hit" category. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the 5 hour series playing throughout April. Can't wait for more.

- Gossip Girl

I feel like I'm the only person who hates the idea of Nate and Blair back together. Uggh. Although I do have a secret thrill about Chuck and Vanessa. It's so sick and twisted but lovely. Still want Jenny to go throw herself in front of a moving train.

- "Spectacular!"

I forgot to comment about this little Nickolodeon movie about the world of competitive highschool show choirs that I watched a couple of weeks ago. So comically bad that it turned right around to being awesome. The movie's title was the name of the main characters's highschool choir team. Their main rival's team name? Ta-da! Ha ha ha ha ha heee hee hee hee Oh so funny.

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