Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good job MTV!

Each season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge gets worse and worse but I still keep getting sucked in!
Maybe it's because watching all of these douches on my tv makes me feel so much better about myself. Or maybe it's because of little gems like watching CT go absoFAWKINGapeshit on Adam because of a stupid "Three's Company" like misunderstanding.
Just watch the video; and understand that this minute and a half of footage is so tame compared to the rest of what went down during the fight. And it's made all the funnier because of little touches like the fact that Adam was fighting while wearing adult-sized footie pajamas with playing cards embroidered on them. It rarely gets better than that.

VIDEO: It’s The Return Of CT’s Violent Temper!

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Oh, and I almost forgot - SHUT UP DIEM!

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