Saturday, April 18, 2009

TV thoughts this week

Just got done watching the Ashton Kutcher interview on Larry King Live from yesterday talking about Kutcher's momentous beating of CNN to get to 1 million Twitter followers first.
Now, I was already a follower of both Ashton and CNN so I sort of felt like Switzerland, but I guess I was secretly rooting for Kutcher because he's such a loveable goofball. Sean Diddy Combs, Jimmy Fallon, and Ryan Seacrest also joined in the discussion with Larry and Ashton.
Three funny things about the segment:
  1. How Larry King tries to be "hip" with the "lingo" that these "young folks today" are using. Hearing Larry say words like "tweet" and "twee-people" was fawking hilarious. And I don't think he got any of Jimmy Fallon's jokes.
  2. Loved when Larry gave Ashton a set of his (used) suspenders. Hee hee Was that some kind of inside joke between the two of them or something?
  3. Ryan Seacrest confirming what I always suspected must be true - he only gets 3-4 hours of sleep a night.

I continue to love Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. It's part travel show, part history, part slice-of-life reality show with my favorite dizty blonde of the moment. Also, her episode in Croatia made me want to travel there so badly, I was this close to calling a travel agent the day after I watched it.

30 Rock is almost always funny but this past week's ep was one of the best of the season. Between Jack, Jenna and "Jackie Jormp Jomp"; Liz and her building ladies and my favorite HR person Jeffrey WEINERslave; and Kenneth and Meredith Viera... SO GREAT. "Raven Symone knows what she did"...

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