Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reality TV musings - April 29 edition

Just a few random thoughts regarding Wednesday night reality tv -

  • American Idol: The right two people went home but I'm still really sad about Anoop. Even on those weeks when his performances were questionable - Usher? Really? - I still loved him. He'll always be my little adorkable mathlete crooner boyfriend. Here's hoping he gets his shit together and gets a nice career out of this experience (if he even wants that).

  • Make Me A Supermodel: I'm SICK about Kerryn being eliminated. SICK I tell you! I'm okay with Laury getting the ax but not my Kerryn. That horrible wench Amanda should have gone home instead. Stupid move judges, stupid move.

  • America's Next Top Model: Good riddance Natalie! While I'm surprised that Aminat wasn't the one sent packing because she's been in the bottom two so many times, fans of the show know that Tyra Banks hates "pretty" girls. Especially pretty girls who think their shit don't stink and backtalk to Tyra. Stupid Natalie. But she was annoying anyway so again - don't let the door hit ya...

  • RW/RR Challenge - The Duel II: First I have to say, because I think I had powerful sex dreams about it last night, that watching Landon wrestling, flipping, monkeying around on those ropes during the challenge with first Mark, and then Nehemiah was totally HOT! And then seeing Evan being called into the Duel by lovely Davis was so great especially when it was revealed to be a puzzle challenge, because my big dumb Canadian is bad at those because steroids fry your brain. But sadly (so sad), Davis lost out to Evan at the last minute during the Duel which was a combo of a puzzle and rock-climbing. Sigh... so all of my gay boys are gone from this season and big dumb Evan is still there.

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