Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TV round-up: week of April 5

Short post because I'm so tired...

Cheesiest show I watched this week?
Any Dream Will Do which is a reality show on BBCAmerica that's trying to find the next Joseph to star in Andrew Lloyd Weber's latest London revival of "Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". This show is port-wine cheddar. With Graham Norton's narration, Lord Andrew gaying it up everywhere, and beautiful John Barrowman overdramatically dismissing the contestants at the end of each round by walking down the rows of men while they sing the "Any Dream" and tapping their shoulders. Really Barrowman overdramatically does everything on this show. SOOOOOo cheesy. Will I continue to watch it? You bet!

Biggest let-down of the week? A tie between "Kings" and "Rock of Love Bus"
Maybe it was because I watched both while at the beach on my vacation, but neither of these Sunday night staples could hold my attention at all this week. I'll continue to give "Kings" another chance, but I'm really glad that the final for RoLB is next week. Uggh - Mindy or Taya are the choices? Are you kidding me?

Show that made me feel like an old hag this week?
This week's theme was "songs from the year you were born". And what were some of the tunes chosen you ask? "All She Wants To Do Is Dance", "True Colors", "Part Time Lover", "Mad World"...OH MY GOD I was in highschool when most of these songs were originally released. Going to go shoot myself now.

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