Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol recap for the week March 16

This week’s theme was “Country” which I actually wish they’d saved until a little farther into the competition but whatever, it was nice to see Randy Travis as the mentor. First, he wasn’t promoting a new album or anything – he was just competently there giving advice and helping the kids. It was very refreshing.
So let’s get to the performances:

Michael Sarver – before I knew it was country songs this week, I was thinking about this theme and what song I thought Sarver would sing. I was hoping for either some Rascal Flatts or Lonestar, you know, a nice ballad like “I’m Already There”. Instead he did a really up-tempo Garth Brooks tune. But he did it well I guess. Nothing special. And I’m still disappointed that it wasn’t something like “My Wish”. Maybe neither Rascal nor Lonestar are in the Grand Ole Opry, which is what the theme specifically was?

Alison Ireheta – Still don’t believe she’s 16. She competently sang a Patty Loveless song which is actually a Dottie West song, which was perfect for her.

Kris Allen – So cute. “To Make You Feel My Love” was too cliché a song choice though. But he sung it well. I’m actually hoping he makes it to the final 3. He’s totally grown on me.

Lil Rounds – Zzzzzzzzzzzz I’m so tired of people on this show being “uncomfortable” with the different themes. She did a Martina McBride song of course. I’m over Lil…and Martina McBride.

Adam Lambert – Boy oh boy. I don’t have words. Is this guy for real? To quote Randy Dumbass Jackson, Adam “did his thing”. I just wish “his thing” didn’t also involve such an alarming amount of eye-fawking. Jeezus.

Scott MacIntyre – I’m sorry, I’ll say it. I was DAMN DISAPPOINTED that he didn’t sing a Ronnie Milsap song. It’s not just the blind thing. Milsap songs are all piano-based melodic gems that would have suited Scott very well. And Milsap is a member of the Opry (I checked). I think Randy Travis was hoping for this too. Anyway, Scott chose to sing a fawking lame Martina McBride song instead with his mediocre voice and he continued to weird me the hell out with his creepy eyes and the way he holds his mouth.

Alexis Grace – I really don’t like when other people sing Dolly songs, especially “Jolene”. Alexis’s version had a weird arrangement with timing issues, but it didn’t suck that much. I might revisit what it sounds like on the actual studio recording of it on iTunes.

Danny Gokey –Sigh…what was up with that white jacket he was sporting? HATEd the Carrie Underwood “driving Jesus” song he did. But I’m resigned to the fact that this dude is going to be in the finale.

Anoop Desai – I just LOVE my little mathlete! He was awesome and I will be buying this off iTunes for sure. And did you see his hot brother/cousin in the audience with Anoop’s adorable parents? From “zero to hero” indeed.

Megan Joy – Megan Joy? She dropped her last name? The hell? I hate poseur shit like this. She already bugged me with her faux quirky vibe and this cements my hate. She looked cool though.

Matt Giraud – First of all, I loved Randy Travis as a mentor. I would have had the same reaction upon learning that Matt was singing that damn sad Carrie Underwood song. Second, this was a surprisingly great performance. Love ya Matt!

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