Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things that are annoying me today

  • Why does my company insist on running the A/C when it's 43 degrees outside?! What a waste of fawking money! It's FREEZING in here dammit!
  • Why and how is it that my iPod headphones are forever tangled. And not just simple tangles - tangled so badly it's as if some demon fairy has gone and braided the main cord and little Y-cords. WTF? All I did was place the iPod in my bag, or my pocket, or on my desk for crissakes! How does the cord get so fawked up?!
  • F-off Starbucks drive through on MLK way! Who designed this place? Horrible entrance spaces, no sort of direction or signage to indicate where you're supposed to place your order versus pay for it. Having to go to 3 separate places in the drive-through before you get your cup-'o-joe? F'in annoying!
  • F! U! Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. No, not for anything that's connected to my job, but for messing up my dad's benefits this week. WHAT A HASSLE I'm dealing with having to get shit corrected. Grrrrrrrrr...

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