Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pet Peeves con'td

Things that have bothered me this week -

People in HUGE ass cars that park in spaces marked "Compact":
Example #1 - My friends Dan and John own a condo that came with two parking spaces. Their extra one that they let guests use is labeled for compact cars as are the spaces on either side of it. About 6 months ago their neighbor decided to rent out their extra space right next to John and Dan's. While it seems a little shady to rent a space to someone who doesn't even live in your building, that's not my problem with this. My problem is that the dude who rents the compact space drives a gigantic Chevy Suburban! And has the nerve to complain if someone parked in the adjoining space doesn't give him enough room to open his door to get out! What. A. Dick.
Example #2 - The parking lot surrounding my building at work has a plentitude of parking. But people being lazy like they are, of course try and get one of the 40 or so spaces that are very close to the building entrances. Several of these 40 spaces are marked for specific types of cars - vanpool, carpool, visitor, compact. It never fails - if I park my compact car in one of these compact spaces, when I get back to my car to go home there is a BIG HONKIN' SUV or extended cab pickup parked in the compact space next to me. Or like today, parked in the compact spaces on either side of me, so that I had to have security make an announcement on the building PA to have the jackass move their gas guzzler so that I could get into my car through a door and not my hatch. Dude with the pathetic faux-hawk who works in Provider Relations? I've got your number a$$hole.
Listen, if you want to own a large vehicle I don't care. But one of the things that comes with having a ginormous car/truck/Canyonero is that you can't park in just any space. You have to take one for the team and park at the far end of the lot. Thems the breaks.

And while we're on this theme, my second gripe tonight is - People who don't know the difference between a Yield sign and a Merge sign:
This thing to the left here? Is a MERGE sign. It's telling you and others on the road with you that traffic from one direction (in this case to the right) will be joining the traffic already moving. With merging, the folks driving on the road that's being entered (aka the thick, straight part of the arrow diagram) have the right-away.
So this other traffic sign to the right, below? This is a YIELD sign. If you see one of these at the end of the road that you're driving as it meets up with a another road? It means that you have to WAIT until the traffic, or pedestrians or whatever in the other road is clear. YOU HAVE TO WAIT!!!
Is it only the lameasses in Seattle that don't know the difference between these two? I swear. The fawkers in this city are going to push me to the brink.

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Robert "the stud" said...

wait the douche that owns the Canyonero doesn't even live in John & Dan's building? F that.