Sunday, March 8, 2009

An ode to Samoan love

I feel like I have an intimate connection with the little girl on the box of Samoas Girl Scout cookies. With the reddish brown hair cut into cute little bangs, the white mock-turtleneck, wearing the fireman's hat.
I have a whole backstory for her: her name is Ashley; she likes to draw, read, and ride her bicycle; she has two turtles named Mo and Rafael; she wants to be a nature photographer when she grows up.
More importantly her picture graces the top of the box of delicious cookie crack goodness. Gawd, it's not fair how addictively awesome Samoas are. I don't know what I love more about them - the caramel? the toasted coconut? the yummy chocolate coating? They're my downfall!
Did you know that 1 serving of Samoas is two cookies? ONLY TWO cookies?!!! Eeek!

I tried to hold out and not buy any this year. It helped that my usual source for Girl Scout Cookies, no longer works in my office and I was typically going grocery shopping very late in the evening past the time when the Girl Scouts were out hawking their evil temptations.

But tonight I had to run in to the store for my dad and there she was waiting for me front and center. 5 or 6 boxes with the little girl in the fire hat facing my way. My undoing. And whaddaya know? I happened to have exactly $4 in my pocket. Little Ashley, you're going home with me.

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