Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eddie Cibrian - How CBS avoided his "show killer" curse

My love for Eddie Cibrian is no secret. I've even given he and Leann Rimes a pass for all of their affair shenanigans, and defended Eddie's behavior with his soon-to-be ex wife, because she's such a slag and you can kind of understand why he left her for Leann in the first place.

ANYWAY, one of the most interesting things about Eddie Cibrian is his professional reputation as a show killer. Cibrian ranks right up there with the king and queen, Ted McGinley and Paula Marshall, as an actor that is brought in to a project, only to have that tv show or movie go south right afterwards.
But producers and networks keep giving him a chance! It's amazing, but sort of understandable - the man is great looking and only gets better with age; he can do comedy, romance, and drama; and he's a decent actor. And I know I can't be the only person out there that will tune in to a show just because he's on it.
Case in point - CSI: Miami. I HATE this show. The #1 reason why? David Caruso as Horatio Crane. I can't stand Caruso as an actor, and the Crane character is one of the most ridiculously irritating ever written. But sure enough, when Eddie Cibrian joined the cast last year, I found myself recording episodes of CSI:Miami. And kind of, sort of enjoying them. SIGH...

Oh well, CBS has taken care of this issue for me by letting Cibrian out of his contract and getting rid of his CSI character. It's still not determined how they're going to write him off the show. Will they kill him or leave open any opportunities for him to come back?

I think the real reason CBS made this decision is that they were worried that the power of the Cibrian show killer curse would strike again. The ratings for all of the CSI franchise have been going down over the last year or two.

Don't worry Eddie. I still have at least two of your Lifetime tv movies to keep me company this month.

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