Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TV Round-up - New Summer 2010 Shows (June Edition)

Memphis Beat
Jason Lee is a quirky detective who loves and performs blues music. So far I'm really enjoying it. It's not your usual cliched cop drama. And Alfre Woodard is great as the police captain. Also? Jason Lee has an amazing singing voice - the man just got sexier. Now if only we could deal with the whole "Scientology" thing...

Hot In Cleveland
Betty White plays the caretaker of a house in Cleveland that three "fabulous" LA-based friends (the underused Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli) end up living in because their flight to Paris has to emergency land in Cleveland (?); and the ladies decide to stay because their 40/50 something bodies/faces are considered a "hot" commodity in the midwest (?!!!) Yeah, this show is kind of a mess. And it's been so long since I've watched a sitcom that's filmed in front of a studio audience that I find their laughter distracting. I'm giving this a chance because of White and the guest stars they're gettting like Carl Reiner, John Schneider, and Huey Lewis. This is a show that will probably hang out in my Tivo unwatched for awhile.

Persons Unknown 
Seven strangers have been kidnapped and brought to a deserted "town" and forced to piece together a puzzle to free themselves from their environment, while indestructible security cameras keep a watchful eye and mind-fuck with them. I love Jason Wiles and Alan Ruck and their characters, so I'm invested in this show for now even though I'm starting to have a feeling that I'm going to be really let down when we find out the whole story when this mini-series ends in September.

I didn't know what to expect about an ABC Family network show about a fat camp for teens. But what I got was a show that was weird, wonderful, provocative, imaginative, realistic, and refreshing. I have a new summer favorite!

I find comedian Louis C.K. very polarizing and that's sort of a good thing. A lot of his comedy makes me uncomfortable, but also makes me think. His new show on F/X has a lot of critical acclaim all of which it deserves. It's like an R-rated "Seinfeld", if Jerry Seinfeld had actually talked about problems and feelings that real people have. I enjoyed the heck out of the first episode with nary a twinge of discomfort. Can't wait to see what C.K. brings in the coming weeks.

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