Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey! Lighten up San Miguel County

Wondering what Val Kilmer's been doing lately? Other than a cameo in Magruber? Well, he's also been fighting his dumbass neighbors in New Mexico, as he tries to turn his ranch house into a bed & breakfast.
Seems as though the residents in the small county of San Miguel took offense to some things that Kilmer may (or may not) have said about New Mexicans and Vietnam vets?

Their anger and hysterics are all very silly. I mean really? They're made because Val (allegedly) said that 80% of the people that live in his county are drunks? And the county attorney backed these irrational (and probably drunk) lunatics up by saying that Kilmer's words "created a clear and present danger threatening public safety." ? WTF? Calm down and let the man have his permit to open his B&B! He needs the money for a decent hair cut.

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