Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You annoy me!

Today, I encountered a bunch of things that bug me to no end. My list of pet peeves continues:

  • Short-sleeved dress shirts on men - I suppose occasionally it's okay for a guy to wear one of these (without a tie please!) on a casual Friday at work, but for the most part short-sleeve dress shirts are totally fugly. And wearing a tie with one like my co-worker sported today is unforgivable. You end up looking like Andy Sipowicz from "NYPD Blue". That's not a look you should be striving for.

  • Yellow cars - I'm sorry. No matter what the model, yellow cars look ridiculous. They just do.

  • Tasseled loafers on men - eh, I don't want to keep excluding the ladies; these are bad on anybody. Loafers with tassels make people's feet look weird and twee. And I've never seen a pair that wasn't horribly unfashionable looking. Just gross. Guess who was wearing a pair of these today at work? Yep, you guessed it - the fashion plate above in the short sleeves and tie! He's special.

  • Made-up words in Business - In the past 10 years the professional sector seems to have gone crazy making up words and phrases; changing verbs into nouns and vice versa. It's really annoying how so many of these have been adopted into everyday usage. A harmless example is a word like "networking". But others send me right off the ledge. The one I saw in an email sent from our executive director today was "on-boarding". The hell? Stop it right now.

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