Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Reality TV Thoughts

Just finished watching the season finale of Rachel Zoe's reality show. It was "baaahnanaaahs". I didn't watch the entire season but one thing that bugged me every time I did was Rachel's husband Rodger's hair. It's ridiculous. Seriously. I can't even describe it. So I'll link a picture of it. He's the douche in the zip up jacket a few pictures down. Fugly!

One of my guilty pleasures is "The Girls Next Door". Hef is an old dottering weirdo shuffling around in his pjs; Holly's the desperate bitch; Kendra's a dumb lovable-ish retard; and Bridget, my fave is the well-meaning "eater". Anyway, season after season of this show has been like cotton candy - fluffy, airy and sometimes grossly sweet. But what is up with this season's timline and the episodes that have aired so far?
First ep of the season? Celebrating Hef's 870th birthday in April. Next ep? Superbowl party! Wait, huh? That was January. Next week's ep? Halloween party! Which is appropriate for this time of year but why aren't they showing these fucking things in any kind of order?! It's weird.

My sweet little southern big boobed Natalie got kicked off "Top Design" this week. Boo. But sexy sexington Preston won a challenge finally - yay! Suck on that Eddie!

Finally, thank you Lord for not letting fucking Kenley win Project Runway. I'm already this close to giving up on this show because of it's move to Lifetime, and if she had won I would have flipped out.

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