Friday, October 10, 2008


Some things that happened in Minnesota -
  • I got harrassed/stalked/propositioned by this dude named Kevin the first night I stayed in my hotel in Sartell, MN. While it was completely terrifying at the time, it's now a very funny anecdote that I can tell people at parties.
  • Got to go to a St. Cloud State Univ hockey game, their first of the season. They played against University of Bristish Columbia and lost but it was great to watch some Division 1 college hockey.
  • Got to drive north into Mille Lac county to the Ojibwe Indian reservation. The lake was so beautiful.

Some things I saw in Minnesota -

  • Snowmobile crossing signs on the highway. Random!
  • You haven't seen a hockey mom until you've seen a SCSU hockey mom. Scary.
  • A bumbersticker that said "Deer Hunters for Obama". Hee!

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