Sunday, February 28, 2010

And now back to my reality tv addiction...

Celebrity Rehab 3:

I swear to God. If I saw Kari Ann Peniche on the street I would run up and punch her right in the mouth. I know that's a horrible thing to say, especially about someone who has been SO DAMN DAMAGED by sexual and verbal abuse and drugs, but good lord, she's a horrible human being. As much as I love Dr. Drew and his reality tv programs, if this bitch shows up on another one making things miserable for everybody, I will stop watching his shows altogether.
Ok, who am I kidding? That's not true, I'm addicted. I need my own 12-step program to get out from under the powerful hold that crap reality television has over me.

I meant it about wanting to punch Peniche in the face though.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians
Once again I'm only half-assed watching this season of Survivor because I'm in the office pool (last season which I won). I actually like this mix of past season All-Stars for the most part. But I have a question? Y'all, what is it about Parvati Shallow (suitable last name) that makes people lose their damn common sesnse?
She's not that pretty. She isn't. She has a cute figure I guess, but not anything special. And she has that annoying Valley girl-hippie chick voice and an even more annoying manipulative streak. Watching married and supposed "master manipulator" himself Russell Hantz, playing footsie, giggling and flirting with Parvati this past week was totally gross. And even though practically everyone on her team agrees that she's a threat and has some sort of scary dangerous hypnotic power in her bikini-clad ass, they all decided to keep her in favor of getting rid of odious Randy. It's dumb moves like that that will have people rooting for her to win because she outplayed your foolish asses.

The Amazing Race 16:
I love Jeff and Jordan, but omigawd they have to stop being so stupid or they're going to get themselves eliminated. I loved how Jeff told Jordan that they shouldn't reproduce because they're so dense. Hee hee

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