Friday, February 26, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Olympics wrap-up for the week

First up? ART! Two of the coolest photographs I've ever seen, showing Olympic speedskaters in practice training.

Other things that made me smile this week:
I almost got my North American sweep of the medals in Ice Dancing. Oh well, too bad about Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto having to settle for 4th place, I was estactic for Canadians Scott Moir & Tess Virtue, and the US team of Meryl Davis & Charlie White. Also, I still am having a love affair with Charlie White's hair.

Charlie and Meryl did this crazy move (on the left) in their Phantom Of The Opera themed long program.

Scott and Tessa were simply breathtaking and graceful everytime they stepped on the ice.

The pure joy that Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue brought to everything they did in Ice Dancing this week was a sight to behold. Especially watching Scott sing "Oh Canada" at the top of his lungs, with tears of happiness streaming down his face.

In other figure skating news...
- Once again my boy Johnny Weir proves to be the classiest man on the planet.

I did get to go to Vancouver for a short 12 hour period and got to experience some practice run for the Women's Aerials. Kind of amazing that sport. Also, I kind of love the Men's aerialists outfits. Those fetching wool pants with the belts and suspenders, paired with the turtelnecks? Kind of hot.

Things that wiped the smile off my face this week:
- Julia Mancuso getting screwed in the women's Giant Slalom and also getting criticism for not being Lindsey Vonn.

- The complete LACK of coverage on one of my favorite Olympic sports, the Nordic Combine. The American guys actually won the first medals EVER in this sport, and all we get is Bob Costas telling us about it afterwards. TOTALLY LAME!
- The sad news that actor Andrew Koenig's body was found in Vancouver's Stanley Park. My heart goes out to the Koenig family and Jimmy Pardo and the Never Not Funny crew.

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