Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The difference between Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron

It would be too easy to say - "She's classy, he's a douche", and be done with it.

But there's more to it than that. I've been thinking about this since before this past Sunday's Golden Globes because I thought it was very interesting that Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron were up against each other in the directing category.
See, Bigelow and Cameron used to be married for a brief time. You know, after he left then wife, agent/producer Gale Anne Hurd; and before he turned around and had an affair with his Terminator star Linda Hamilton. He then married Hamilton, had a kid with her and then divorced her after having an affair with his current wife, actress Suzy Amis, who starred in Titanic.

See a pattern here?
Anyway, I don't really care about all of Cameron's lady troubles or divorces, I'm just trying to explain what was swirling in my head as I thought about Best Director category on the Globes on Sunday. A couple of days before Bigelow had won the prize at the Critics' Choice Awards for her amazing The Hurt Locker. Pretty much for the past decade the director who's taken home this prize has gone on to win the Oscar, so it was understandable that Cameron opened up his acceptance speech at the Globes saying that he thought that Bigelow was going to win.
Oh if he had only stopped there. Instead he went into full-throttle pompous ass mode. First by paying tribute to his current wife (the aforementioned Amis, who I actually totally love even if she did leave awesome Sam Robards for lame Cameron) while holding the award that he'd just beat his former wife for; and then going on to actually speak part of his speech in Na'vi, a language he made up!

Through it all Kathryn just kept on smiling and/or sharing humorous glances with a seemingly drunk/bored Jeremy Renner. I mean the whole Amis praise thing probably would've hurt more if he'd still been married to Hamilton who he left Bigelow for; and Bigelow has a lot of other amazing things going for her right now. Her movie The Hurt Locker has been universally praised as not only one of the best of the year but of the decade. And although Cameron is gaining momentum that I'm afraid might sway Oscar voters, I still think Bigelow has a great chance at a win there.
And? Even though she's 3 years old than Cameron? TOTALLY hotter than him and aging better than any of his wives.

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