Monday, January 11, 2010

Linky link...NBC's late-night debacle edition

A really interesting perspective from Television Without Pity on how NBC's late-night talk show shit storm might actually have some silver linings for both the struggling network and us viewers.

My own take on this situation? Both NBC and Jay Leno should be ashamed of themselves. Conan O'Brien should take his 80 million from NBC, not host a talk show for a couple of years, write a book, write a screenplay, do something fabulously funny with Andy Richter, hang out with his kids, and then come back to late-night on Fox in an 11pm slot and slaughter the competition.

Jimmy Fallon has of course been silent and totally professional concerning this whole thing; it's made me like him even more than I already did. But you know who I feel the most sorry for in this whole mess? Carson Daly. The poor man with his 7 head will be out of a job me thinks very soon.

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