Sunday, January 10, 2010

This "Twilight" Madness has gone too far!

I blame not hearing about this nonsense before today on being sick and out of it for the latter part of December.
Washington state's once sleepy little res town is supposedly getting its own reality tv show! This saddens me more than you can know.

Okay, I don't really blame the residents of Forks. Before Stephenie Meyers and the Twilight juggernaut, this town was poor and really pretty depressing. So I get that some/all of the folks that live there want to cash in on this thing as much as they can, while they can. But damn does it seem exploitative and gross.
Most of the town's shops and businesses have turned over to some kind of Twilight themed nonsense like the once quaint Pacific Inn, whose Twilight themed room is shown in the picture below. So even though this reality show will supposedly not focus on the books/movies and just be about the "regular folk" in Forks, there's no way that it won't end up being bad for all involved.

And it's all going to crash and burn within the next decade and I think Forks will end up being even worse off than they were 5 years ago. So while I will continue to travel out on the peninsula to the Pacific coast, I won't be going back to Forks anytime soon. I'm not interested in Bella Berry smoothies or Cullen caramel.

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